Mainly March Empties

March Empties
Time to clear out the trash! These were mainly used up in the month of March and start of April.  Are you proud of me, I’ve grouped the products by type this time!  (I know I was pretty impressed with myself…).

I’m going to start with the hair products in the top left.  From boots own brand I have Style Works Heat Protect Serum.  I wasn’t a fan initially with this but it grew on me and I really enjoyed it, I would repurchase, if you’re on a budget this is worth a look.  I’ve an empty Timotei soft & smooth shampoo sachet, this was fine but I won’t be buying a full size. L’Oreal Elvive nutri-gloss crystal sparkling shampoo, I love this shampoo.  It’s a great clarifying shampoo and I will undoubtedly repurchase.


We’re on to hands.  I have two hand creams,  Nivea Soft and Cien hand cream with almond butter & shea butter.  I’ love the Nivea soft moisturiser, it’s not specifically a hand cream but I love it none the less. Will repurchase. The Cien hand cream, I’m not a massive fan of it to be honest.  It’s the smell, the cream itself is great, the scent is just not for me, I won’t repurchase.  I’ve an Avon Nail Experts Hydrate and Grow gel, I can’t find this on the website anymore.  It’s a great wee gel, very handy to have in my handbag, I won’t be repurchasing though as it was a pain trying to get it all out as the stopper didn’t allow it. I’ve mentioned the Nivea cream and avon gel in a post all about my nail strengthening routine here.


I’ve a perfume sample from Madonna Truth or Dare.  This is not empty.  This scent is not for me.


Skincare and Makeup Empties
I finally finished up my Avene Skin Recovery Cream.  I love this.  When my skin is unhappy this really helps.  I will definitely repurchase.  I’ve done a full review here so you can check that out for more info.  I’ve an empty Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing nose strip.  I’m still using up my box of them.  I have two samples of the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum.  This didn’t do anything for me and I won’t be buying a full size.  From Simple I decided to finally chuck the eye make-up corrector pen.  This was great initially but once it got grubby it was no good, I won’t repurchase, a q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover works better for me.  I got a sample of Dior Capture Totale One Essential Super Skin Boosting Serum.  This is not for me at all, it’s quite heavily perfumed and this really irritated my skin – no breakouts but it was red and angry looking.  The joys of super sensitive skin!   I’ve an empty cotton rounds from Sainsburys.  I really didn’t like these they were soft but were insubstantial and a pain to use.
I’ve two Dermalogica samples, the Special Cleansing Gel and Skin Smoothing Cream.  I wasn’t sold on either of these and won’t be purchasing a full size of either. The last empty for skin care is the L’Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution, this is a great product, I’m currently testing out the Garnier version, so depending on how I get on I may repurchase.
I have two makeup samples that I’m binning.  The Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Foundation, this is quite a good foundation, I just couldn’t get a shade light enough but I’ve done a full review here if you want more info.  I’ve also a Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions foundation.  Unfortunately this was way too dark so I didn’t even really test it out!


Body Care Empties
Last items!  I’ve a mini size of the Sanctuary Body Butter, these are handy for travelling but I used this up when I was between body creams.  I love this and I used to only but the Sanctuary body butters and the Crème Soufflé, I think they’re great value for money as they last ages, they smell utterly fabulous and my skin loves them!  I will be buying a bigger size very soon.  I’ve finally used up my Vaseline Essential Moisture Clean Feeling Lotion.  I liked this, it absorbed well and it’s inexpensive.  I’ve an empty boots Shave Gel, I always repurchase the boots shave gels as they’re generally on offer when I buy them!  The last item is from Lush it’s an empty tub of Fair Trade Foot Lotion.  This was fine but I won’t repurchase, I’ve other foot creams to use up that I prefer.


If you want a closer look at any of these you can check out the video below.
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