Drugstore Princess Tag!

Drugstore Princess
I saw this video by the ever lovely Maria Sparkle, I thought it would be a fun thing to do.  It’s the drugstore version of the Princess Tag that Tati did a few months ago.

This tag, basically I pick my favourite products from each category.
First up we have Foundation.  I’m a massive fan of the No7 Beautifully Matte foundation.  Great colour range, good coverage, great for my oily skin, I’ve done a review of it here if you want more info.
Concealer.  I’m still a massive fan of my 17 Phwoarr Paint heavy duty undereye concealer.  This doubles up as a foundation touch up throughout the day, it lives in my bag at all times.

Blush Contour
I don’t own any drugstore powders, I only have a few and they’re all high end, I did own an elf tone correcting powder but I wasn’t the biggest fan.
Bronzer, I don’t have any drugstore/high street bronzers either, I do however have a contour I love!  NYX Blush in Taupe, I finally own this and love it.
I do have a drugstore highlight that I love!  I adore 17 Skin Wow 3 way highlighter. It’s a lovely highlighter and a great multi-purpose product.
For Blush I have two brands I think are great.  Sleek are fabulous colours and pigmentation.  I also love Fashionista blushes, also great pigmentation and colours, plus I got to make my own blush palette!

Drugstore Eye Products

For eyeshadow I have a few.  I love the solo eyeshadows from 17 and the eyeshadow palettes from Sleek.  For cream eyeshadows I’m a big fan of the Maybelline Color Tattoos and the 17 metallic eyes cream shadows.
On to eyeliners, I’m a fan of all of the different Rimmel eye liner pencils and the NYX Slim eye pencils. Great pigmentation, good colour selection and they apply so smoothly.
My favourite high street mascara brand has to be Maybelline.  I’ve had really great mascaras from this line.  I also love my Rimmel Day 2 Night mascara – one of the few I have repeatedly bought.
High Street Lip Products
We’re on to lip liner.  I love the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner – one of my favourite colours is Eastend Snob, perfect soft pink colour.  I also love my red lip liner from Barry M.
My favourite high street/drugstore lipstick line is from Revlon, I’ve quite a few from this line, I love them.  Such a great range of colours and so nice to wear!
Finally Lipgloss.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned before I don’t wear very lip gloss very often, the only lipglosses I reach for on a regular basis are the L’Oreal Glam Shine glosses.  They’re not sticky, they’re a nice sheer wash, they wear well over other lip products and they wear off nicely!  (I’ve yet to test out my newest lipglosses).

So that’s the whole tag.  You can check out the video below if you want a closer look at any of the products I’ve mentioned.

Thanks for reading!

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