August Beauty Empties

Beauty Empties
How proud am I, more makeup empties for the month of August! ¬†I’m patting myself on the back anyway ūüôā

Random Beauty Empties
I’m going to start with the random beauty favourites, first up the hair dyes that I’ve been playing with. ¬†Both are from Schwarzkopf Color XXL, the Ultra Brights is semi permanent Purple Punk* and the HD Intense Colour is a permanent colour in Mystic Violet*. ¬†My hair did’t really take to either of these dyes, I have some seriously stubborn hair! ¬†I have another one of the permanent colours left which I’m going to test out. ¬†After that I might have to bleach my hair and try again! ¬†I might repurchase in future. ¬†Unsurprisingly I’ve finished some Cotton wool pads* from boots, I’ve repurchased. ¬†I’ve finished up a Pampers* baby wipes, I tend to use these to remove swatches or when I’m messing with my makeup. ¬†I’m using up some other wipes but would repurchase again if they’re on offer.
From Lush I’ve finally finished my Twilight Bath Ballistic, I broke this in half and got two uses out of it. ¬†I really enjoyed it and I will undoubtedly buy more bath bombs soon.

Makeup Empties
So you may recognise some of these from my Project Pan Update. ¬†I’m getting rid of My Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua*, it just doesn’t work for me. ¬†I’m also chucking the Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer* in Pearl, this was another product that didn’t work for me, I found it too heavy, thick and it ended up looking cakey. ¬†From Benefit I’ve finished up the “that gal” brightening face primer*, I won’t be repurchasing for now, I did enjoy this product but I just have other products that need more love. ¬†I’m throwing away my Flawless Face Blender from Crown Brush, I did really like this, it is thoroughly dead and smells a bit funny now. ¬†I’m testing the Real Techniques version now. ¬†I’m getting rid of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, I really do not like this at all, I’m getting rid of it.¬† I’ve finally used up majority of the 17 Barely There* eyeshadow trio, I already have a backup of this. ¬†I’m chucking the Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion, I’m not sure this is available anymore. ¬†It has also turned funny.
From bareMinerals I have to throw out the Flawless Definition mascara in aqua blast, it’s all dried out now, this was a limited edition, so no repurchasing. ¬†My Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal* in Jet Black has all dried up, I have enough black eyeliner pencils to last me for quite some time, no repurchasing for now! ¬†My Sally Hansen Miracle Cure* has gotten too thick to be of use, I would possibly repurchase in the future, again I have other bases to use. ¬†From Nivea I have finished the Pearly Shine* lip balm, I won’t be repurchasing, I was thoroughly sick of this by the end of it! ¬†I’ve finished another Nivea hand cream, this one was Express Hydration*. ¬†Unfortunately I’ve finished up my much beloved GlamGlow YouthMud mask, I may repurchase one day. ¬†I’ve sadly emptied my sample of Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream, I did really like this but I’ve a few other eye creams to test out.

Skin Care Empties
We’re almost there! ¬†I finished up the Rituals Touch of Happiness body cream, I got this as part of a set, it was ok, I wouldn’t repurchase. ¬†From Caudalie I have finished a travel size of the Divine Oil*, I did really like this for my super dry legs, I have another travel size to use and I might consider buying it in future, my only annoyance is that it doesn’t spread as nicely as I would like so you end up using it up quickly. ¬†I sadly used up my Bee Good Honey & Wild Mint 3-in-1 Cleansing Water, I really did love this but it’s ¬£10 for 100ml and I seem to go through it quickly, on the other hand a portion of the profits help to support British Bees. ¬†I may repurchase in future, I really did love it. ¬†I’m managed to use up my Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing balm, I alternated this with other cleansers and may repurchase in future but I will always prefer my Emma Hardie. ¬†This is great is you’re on a budget, although slightly drying after repeated use.¬† Finally, I’ve used up a Mitchum Advanced Control deodorant in Waterlily, I liked this and would likely repurchase at some point, I generally use the roll on versions.

So that’s it! Well done for reading all of that!! You deserve a high five. ¬†If you’d rather watch it than read all of the above you can check out the video below.


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