Autumn Cross Over

Almost Autumn
If you’re like myself, you are holding on for dear life to the last few days of the Indian Summer we seem to be having.  So this outfit is all about layering up on some Summer clothes to warm up!  You may recognise the trousers an outfit post I did back in Spring, so they’re quite versatile.

In a cooler light

I love how long this midi cardigan from River Island* is, it hits my calves (plus it vaguely reminds me of Snape from Harry Potter).  The shoes are from Clarks (similar here*).  Shirt from Jack Wills, I have a vest top underneath from Primark.  Trousers from H&M.  Handbag is Nica, which I love and I’ve had a few years.  The purple/plum colour is perfect for Autumn/Winter.

I think this is great for the Autumn chills, it’s still light but all the layers add up and keep me cosy.  The 3/4 length trouser season is coming to an end, I thought I’d get a bit more use out of them before I have to switch my wardrobe!

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