Simple Nail Art! Nail Tattoos

I’ve had these nail decals in my drawers for a while, mostly unused.  I originally bought these at a superdrug in an airport, I can’t seem to find them there anymore but you can always pick them up from Amazon*.  I have the Rose & Crowns tattoos, Skull & Cross Bones and Crosses.

I used the Crosses patterns for my nails this week.  After I applied my base coat and two coats of the elf nail polish in Party Purple – which is a wonderful dark purple with some silver glitter running through it.  Once dry I selected which tattoos to stick where.  The tattoos can be a bit fiddly, so I’d recommend having a pair of tweezers on hand to manoeuvre the tattoo.  Once you’re happy with the location of the tattoo you just hold your finger on it for about a minute and then apply your top coat.

These can last up to a week and are pretty simple to get off too – just use some nail varnish remover.  These are a great quick way to add a bit of nail art to your weekly manicure!

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