Rodial Exfoliating Pads Review!


I spotted the Rodial Glamoxy 15% fruit acid exfoliating pads* on Brand Alley a few months ago and after a quick search online for a few reviews, I decided to purchase them!   I have managed to use almost the entire tub before doing a review…in fact that is the last pad!

The Blurb
“Individual face pads are soaked with Gautline RC, derived from the ever-lasting youth tree, to help reveal new, fresh skin.  Rich in AHAs, the bonds holding dead skin cells together are weakened to expose new skin, with fewer imperfections and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles whilst skin’s moisture levels are simultaneously increased.  The complexion is brighter and even-toned for a youthful straight from the spa glow.”


It is recommended to initially use these once a day for a week if you have sensitive skin and then move on to using them twice a day.  I attempted to use these twice a day but they were just too much for my skin.  So I stuck to using them in the evenings instead of my Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner*.  I got a few months use out of these – although I did have a break from them every now and then while I was travelling.


These normally retail for £48, so I guess I expected great things from them.  In the end, I just thought it was OK.  There was a very strong scent from the pads – to the extend that it made my eyes water for the first few weeks.  This also stung my face a bit to start with, but my skin did adjust after a few weeks and ask mentioned I stuck to only using it once a day.  I think as I was only using it once a day I didn’t gain the full benefit from it.  I didn’t really notice any massive improvement in my complexion, my skin actually worsened slightly.  I didn’t notice any difference in the wrinkles that I have and I actually ended up with more break outs.  So there may have been an ingredient that didn’t agree with me, or other environmental issues impacted my skin, but I wasn’t overly keen on these in the end and I was glad to see the end of the tub.


The pads themselves have a similar texture to your average cotton pads, so no extra bumpy bits.  They were just heavily saturated pads.


I bought these heavily discounted and I’m so pleased that I did, I would have been gutted if I’d paid full price for them.  I much prefer the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner, which is almost half the price and it lasts for longer.  I don’t mind having to put some on a cotton pad to use it.  So sadly for me, these exfoliating pads were just not worth the price and I won’t repurchase them.  Maybe if you have drier skin, or older skin, you might gain more benefit from these.  If you have used them and had better results, please let us know down below!


Thanks for reading!


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