Life, Career and Travel chats!

Life, Career, Travel

So we are due a bit of a catch up!  I’ve some work stuff, career goals, travel plans and life in general!  So let’s get suck in shall we.  First let’s start with work as it’s the main one at the minute.  I finish up my current contract with work at the end of December!  Very exciting pants!!! I’ve loved the people I’ve worked with, but I’m very excited to move on to the next phase in my life, which will be all around social media and content.  Which leads us nicely on to Career chats and Honestly Social Media!


You’ve likely seen my chalkboard method in some of my more recent vlogs.  I’ve been working out a schedule for it all!  I’ve mapping out the schedule for creating the ebook, which is my main focus at the minute and I want to get it written up by the end of the year, ready to launch at the start of 2017.  It’s basically a beginners How To, all around setting up your social media, where to concentrate your efforts, how to measure your metrics and set goals.  All the fun but intimidating things.  So it’s quite a practical kind of book that people can read and implement.  I’ve also opened up space to start taking on clients.  So rather than take over and manage their social media accounts, I’m going to provide training on how to make the most of the tools available and how best to schedule their time and posting.  Again, it’s all about helping people get the hang of social media and start to do something with it.  I’m also planning an e-course, but first I want to finish the book.

I’m allowing things to shift and settle a bit at the minute, just to give me the space to settle into what makes me happy.  If I’m happy, I’m more likely to do better work!


As things are finishing up at the end of this year, we’ve decided to start pulling our travel plans up.  We’re start trying to decide if we should travel long term or just take lots of trips.  We both want to see Asia and far away places, but also want to take a camper van across Europe in the Summer.  so we’re working out the logistics.  Either way, travels are coming around soon!!  Expect more on this very soon – no doubt all the chats will happen in a vlog!


This all means we are working our rears off to get rid of at least 70% of out debt.  We don’t want massive amounts hanging over us and we always planned to work while we travelled, so this will tie in nicely.  It also means we’ve started to sell everything!  We’re not going to be able to take any of it with us, so we may as well put it towards our debts.  Expect a blog sale soon!  I’m also sending off some things to women’s shelters and donating to other charities, we’re also keeping hold of a few things that have sentimental value and would be hard to replace.  So when we return we’ll have a few things to help our new house feel like home!

Social Media Life

After a crazy month of daily videos, I don’t think it’s the best time for me to do daily videos.  I think it’d be wise to give myself a bit of space to do some more creative products and learn lots more.  I’ve started to play more with editing, I’m going through a photography course and a pre-production course.  I want to start implementing this new found knowledge.  That requires time.  So expect better quality content, just a little less frequently.  I’m also continuing to shift direction, something you’ve probably noticed more on my Instagram more than anything else.  It makes me happy and I’m finding my tribe of people more and more.  Thank you for your support with all of this, you’ve been excellent and I cannot express how much it means to me that you’re helping me through all of this!  Seriously, you rock.

All in all it’s very exciting times at the minute.  We’re both flat out and trying to organise it all.  When we have firmer plans we can share those with you too!  If you read all of that, high fives.  If you just skipped to the bottom to watch the video, that’s ok too!  You do you.  If you want to subscribe to my Youtube channel to keep up with the latest, you can click here and it practically does it for you!

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