Soultree Natural, Organic Kajal Liners!

Soultree Kajal Liners

I have had these beautiful liners in my stash for a wee while – you might remember seeing them my Buying all the things post.  I’ve worn them quite a few times since and I really enjoy them.  So what are they?  Well they’re the Soultree Ayurvedic Kajals, which use organic ghee and natural mineral colours.  They’re hand made and come in a choice of 12 colours and are £13.90 each.  Pretty damn cool right?

I went with the shades True Blue, Cold Black and Purple Haze.  True Blue is practically the same colour as my hair – in face in an recent-ish Instagram picture, I was wearing this and you can see how close they are in shade.  Cold Black is most definitely black.  It’s very black in fact!  Purple Haze is more of a reddy, plum colour.

Application & Consistency

These are very creamy, which means they don’t pull at the skin as they glide on.  There is no skipping over the skin or odd patchy behaviour.  These are wonderful to apply and the pigment transfers well with no additional lumps.  Also worth noting – the pigmentation with these eyeliners is really good.

I was able to apply a nice winged liner with my currently pointy liner, it will be interesting to see how they apply as the liner wears down, but they are supposed to keep their shape – although this could be something I’ve made up in my head.  I was also able to smudge these out without any hassle, they don’t set down too quickly.

Wear time

These wear quite well too – I got a good 6 hours out of them.  I’ve tested them along my top and bottom lash line as well as my water line.  As you can imagine the water line didn’t last as long – although I’ve not actually found an eyeliner that does, they always just gunk up my tear-duct.

I did test them with and without a primed eyelid, you definitely need to prime your lid if you have oily lids.  Otherwise they transfer and disappear.  You can also set them with either a similar eyeshadow colour, or a translucent powder if you want them to last even longer.


There is no animal testing, no parabens or lead, Certified natural by BDIH, 100% Natural and they look pretty damn fabulous.  I’m also a fan of the packaging that they arrive in – those little boxes are incredibly cute.


I love them and I will undoubtedly use them up – I’m considering bringing them away with me on our travels!

Soultree Kajal Liners Swatches

6 thoughts on “Soultree Natural, Organic Kajal Liners!

  1. I will need to hunt down these eyeliners as they sound really good. I love the fact that they are not tested on animals and are paraben free as that’s the things I am looking for now when buying new make up.

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