May Favourites | Travel Edition

Hooray, I’ve been off travelling, this is probably a known now.  It does mean though I’ve been loving entirely different things this month, these things have massively made my life much easier while I’m on the road.  So let’s dig in shall we!

Beauty Favourites

I’ve a handful of products that I couldn’t do without, first has to be sunscreen, for obvious reasons.  This one from Clarins UV Plus Multi-Protection SPF50*.  I struggle to find a face SPF that doesn’t give me break outs and having used the normal body sunscreen on my face for a few days – for that water resistance – I can confirm that the Clarins one works incredibly well and my face much prefers it!  It’s lightweight but powerful.  I’m slowly developing a tan with this one and no burning what so ever! Win!

I’ve been making sure to double cleanse and remove all sunscreen and deet at the end of the day I’ve been going in with this mini green clay Konjac sponge as my second cleanse.  It works wonders for giving a wee bit exfoliation and just getting rid of anything left over.  Always double cleanse if you wear sunscreen etc.

My poor hair has been fried to within an inch of its life.  It was already pretty damaged before I got here, although it was on the mend.  Then I went swimming, lots.  In pools with too much chlorine, in the Ocean, in the pool again.  Plus the heat and humidity in Bali is pretty high on both counts.  So my hair is in pain.  I went wandering around the Ubud Market and found an oil shop – so many oils and soaps made from oils and other things!  So I picked up this coconut oil for $2.  Bit of a bargain!  It seems to be gradually helping my hair.  I’ve been leaving it on for a day at a time.  Although I’ve a funny feeling I’ll have to cut a few inches off the end of my hair when I get back.

Lifestyle Favourites

Being on the road and not necessarily always having good internet – Bali and Internet don’t really go hand in hand.  Although, I’ve experienced worse in Northern Ireland!  However, I can’t rely on the internet too heavily for things that I need to sort etc.  So before I left, I switched back to having a Bullet Journal.  I’ve kept it incredibly simple.  I have the Monthly List, an Editorial Calendar, Habits Calendar (sort of), a YouTube/Blog Ideas List and then a Weekly View over two pages.  I don’t use a key – instead I’ve a multi-coloured pen and I use that to deferential between clients and if it doesn’t get done on that day, I’ll not strike it through – so I can still see it waiting to be done the next day.  If something is getting put off, I’ll just move it to another time that suits, if that doesn’t work, I get rid of it.  It’s working incredibly well for me, now that I’ve made it work for me.  Nothing fancy, just functional.  You can buy these Moleskin notebooks with plain in packs of three for about £10! Bargain.

Another book that I’ve loved, this Lonely Planet Bali & Lombok guidebook.  Again – spotty internet.  We’ve done some of the hikes out of this, looked up places we want to visit while having dinner, we’ve used it as a reference point so often.  It’s just made life that bit easier!  Although I would go against the odd bit of advice it gives – do not hike out to the Elephant Cave, it’s hot and sweaty and you have to walk down the edge of a main road, just don’t do it!  You can see the stunning pictures from the Elephant cave in this Photo Diary post  Aside from that, it’s great!  Definitely worth picking up.

I’m also massively loving this rather epic stainless steel water bottle.  We’ve become very aware of the plastic issues here.  There’s so much plastic waste that is causing huge amounts of harm.  Some local businesses and people in general are doing something about it – from banning plastic straws to encouraging use of reusable water bottles by offering cheap refills.  Mine cost approx £12.  It has already taken quite a few bangs and been dropped twice.  It’s still grand.  There is definitely some wear starting to appear but I don’t really care to be honest.  It’s still working grand.  This came from Bottles For Earth, sadly they don’t seem to distribute globally, but I’m sure if you just checked out amazon or look locally, you will find a water bottle you like.

May Favs 17

Fashion Favourites

OK so these are maybe not the most fashionable but they rock, the Hi Tec Waimea Falls sandals*.  I’ve done a huge amount of walking in these.  We tend to walk everywhere, plus actual hiking up into the hills.  We went for 11KM hike in blistering heat and even with my feet swelling up in the heat, I didn’t have one blister or any kind of pain at all.  They’re incredibly comfortable and I honestly cannot recommend them enough.  I’ve been living in these during the day.  In the evenings when we’re just slouching about and strolling to our favourite cafe or pottering about the shops, I’ve switched it up to these Blow Fish Gladiator Sandals*.  I always need something across the top of my foot and these look fabulous, while still being comfy.  I don’t think I’d recommend long walks in them – I did end up with a small blister because of the toe post on one foot after wearing them for three days straight, but they’re still pretty comfy.

Something that I bought here and have come to love is this slouchy bag.  I don’t normally wear slouchy bags.  This cross body slouchy bag fits quite a bit and has a zip on it!  It was bought at the local market for a couple of pound and I use it every day, generally for carrying bits to yoga, or if we’re going out to eat.  I’m sure there are similar in primark or maybe etsy – try etsy first.  I love it and it’s great for holidays.

My lastest fashion favourite has to be my new sunglasses.  I picked these up in the airport and they’re the Augusto Round Sunglasses.  I’m digging the shape.  As they’re more rounded on the top, they actually block out more sun than my aviators.  Plus no nose pads to get stuck in my hair when I push them up on my head.  Also, they make me look pretty damn cool in my opinion! Just sayin’.

That’s it for all of my favourites!  You can check out the video below, although I do seem half asleep in it, I’m not – I’m just chilled out to be honest.  This is what happens with lots of sunshine and yoga, I move at a slower pace.  If you fancy subscribing to my YouTube channel, that would rock – you’ll get to see all of the latest videos first!

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