Talk of Tea

talk of tea cover

I recently popped along to a wonderfully quaint tea shop called, Talk of Tea.  It’s tucked away on Spring Street in the centre of town and it’s a bit of a find.  There is a huge selection of teas available and the staff are more than happy to talk you through the choices available to help […]

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Pizza Express – Return of Etna

Pizza Express Delivery Cover

OK so we know by now that I’m a fan of food, gluten free food in fact…even better if it involves pizza! Well now who isn’t a fan of pizza? ….if it’s you, I think you need to consider your life choices 🙂  We’re almost at the weekend so I thought I’d share some excitement, […]

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Skater Girl Extraordinaire

Skater Girl Extraordinaire

It has been a bit of a less frantic one this week.  Although busy none the less!  We had a rather nice lunch out, which you’ve likely read about in The Creperie review post.  There was also a bit of an influx of motorbikes and some rather epic vehicles.  Got lots of editing done and […]

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The Creperie Gluten Free Restaurant

The Creperie Picture Wall

I recently got invited along to The Creperie to try out their offerings!  I was delighted, the one good thing about having to go as gluten free as possible – trying out new places to eat.  Simon came along, we don’t get to hang out nearly enough and I thought it would be interesting to […]

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MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza UK

Brighton Marina has undergone quite a few changes of late, including new restaurants , which is rather good news!  MOD Pizza is one of the recent additions, one I’d never heard of before.  MOD has a great ethos, it’s all about providing a quick, affordable meal, while also having a positive impact on it’s staff […]

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Borough Box Goodness

Borough Box Picnic Sideview

I met some of the folks from Borough Box at the Big Blogger Expo event and we caught up afterwards to discuss all things gluten free.  I’m still figuring it all out, getting a gluten free box of good things makes life a bit easier!  I was a bit excited to get all of these […]

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Shouldn’t be left unattended really!

SitC2016 Part Two

The second part of the Summer in the City 2016!  It was a bit of bedlam at points, so I’ve edited this vlog a bit differently.  Let me know what you think.  It was great to see some familiar faces again – Rachel and Sonja, both excellent Irish Youtubers.  Plus I got to meet a few […]

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No32 Burger Feast!

No32 Burger Feast

I recently went to a rather fun evening at No32 with Yelp. It was a Burger Feast evening and unsurprisingly, it was all about the burgers and milkshakes.  I’m a fan of both, so I was of course going to pop along.  Add in that I knew a few others going, well I was pleased […]

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A rather mental week

Third May weekly Vlog

So it’s been a bit full on this week!  I’ve had so much on, all good things but now seriously!  I had some rather exciting things happen at work, or at least moves in the right direction.  Managed to squeeze in some early morning baking, I decided to test out a gluten free brownie packet.  Irish dancing […]

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Blogger Meet Up & Goody Bag

Blogger Meet Up

As you may have guessed from the title, I recently went a Brighton Blogger Meet up.  It was organised by Laura from Lola and behold – you should definitely check out her blog!  It was a wonderful event, so great to meet other local bloggers and some have us have even planned to catch up again […]

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Vlogmas #6 Possible Mouth Combustion!

Vlogmas 6

  It’s been a hectic few days!  We tested out some interesting dance moves…probably shouldn’t have recorded that!  Simon got excited about wasabi peas, can’t leave him unattended.  We also tested out a gluten free pizza recipe.  Fun times!

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