Weekly Vlog | Saying Goodbyes

Second weekly Vlog May 2017

Howdy!  Another new weekly vlog is up.  It’s been a royal mix this week.  I’ve started to meet up with friends to start saying my goodbyes, it’s all been a bit surreal on that front to be honest. Annoyingly I was quite ill with my endometriosis this week, but I didn’t include much of that […]

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Should I keep vlogging?? HELP!

vlogtober 26

I need some feedback on this one people, tell me your thoughts. The more honest the better!  Do I aim for regular vlogs still, daily style, or rein it back in for a bit?  I’m thinking more creative style videos too, I’ve had some ideas recently.  I would just love some feedback either way, yay […]

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Vlogtober Day 3! Mini Hallowe’en Decor

vlogtober day 3 2016

Day 3 of vlogtober! Whoop!  May have picked up a wee bit of Hallowe’en goodness. Am I the only person that spells it Hallowe’en instead of Halloween.  I swear that’s how I was taught when we were in primary school.  It feels odd to spell it without the ‘.  Aside from that it’s been a […]

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Vlogtober Day 1: Falling on my rear

vlogtober day 1

Look, look, look! First vlogtober video! How fancy am I right now?! I did manage to fall down twice, so ya know, good way to start vlogtober… Well at least it’s a bit different to all the other vlogs out there, probably being all nice and stuff.  You do get to see some normal activity, […]

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The Creperie Gluten Free Restaurant

The Creperie Picture Wall

I recently got invited along to The Creperie to try out their offerings!  I was delighted, the one good thing about having to go as gluten free as possible – trying out new places to eat.  Simon came along, we don’t get to hang out nearly enough and I thought it would be interesting to […]

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It’s a bit cold!

August 2016 vlog

Finally took some time out to chill this week.  Just what the doctor ordered!  I’m so pleased I’ve finally had my first swim of the year, about time!! I’ve been missing out on the sunshine this year, so when it was a glorious Saturday, it was only right that I dropped everything and made for […]

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Marina Views

brighton marina yachts

Weekly Vlog!  We’ve had a bit of a busy week but we did manage to go for a few walks, even a relaxing wander around Brighton Marina.  I may have done a wee bit of shopping… Thanks for watching!  Feel free to pop over to our vlog channel to subscribe if you fancy!

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