Origins Mask Trio Gift Set Review

I’ve been investigating face masks more and more recently in a bid to help my face settle.  I’ve discovered as I’ve gotten older that I need to look after my skin.  So in addition to my Liz Earle skin regime I felt the need for some face masks to really get a deep clean and moisturise going on!
Out of Trouble:  I use this usually twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays/Fridays.  The smell of this mask is quite bad, it reminds me of mould and moss combined, thankfully though the smell isn’t quite as strong once you’ve covered all your face. It’s quite a thick consistency which is very satisfying.  There is a bit of a warming sensation and then it begins to dry on your skin after application.  I wash it off after the ten minutes with a muslin cloth.  I have to say after I’ve used this my skin feels only slightly tighter but much softer.  It will bring any dirt to the surface so be prepared for some spots the first few times you use this until your skin settles. My skin also has a lovely glow about it afterwards and it loses that dullness that can happen in Winter weather.
Clear Improvements :  This is a lovely thick charcoal mask that spreads well over the face.  It has a similar thick consistency to the Out of Trouble mask.  Again it seems to have a slight warming sensation when initially applied, which fades as the mask sets.  This sets much harder than the previous mask and really feels like it’s giving your skin a really good clean.  Once rinsed off my skin only feels slightly tight but it feels soft and really really clean – almost squeaky.  It’s definitely something I can only use once a week as it does a fantastic job but I could see that using it more frequently may end up drying my skin and undo any goodness.  Similar to the Out of Trouble mask, it will bring spots up but they tend to clear quickly and I’ve noticed the more I use these masks the less spots I’m getting afterwards, which is a really good sign that my skin is starting to become more healthy and less spot prone.  My skin does feel slightly dry of itself afterwards so I use the next mask straight after.
Drink up: This is a moisturising mask which is just fabulous.  It has the consistency of a slightly thick moisturiser, it doesn’t feel like the normal run of the mill mask that dries onto the face.  This stays creamy after application and smells quite pleasant.  As I said I use this directly after the Clear Improvements mask on a Sunday evening.  My skin feels really soft afterwards, you don’t have to rinse it off, you can just use a damp cotton pad to wipe it off, I use a damp muslin cloth.  Using both masks together feels like I’m being very kind to my skin.
I have noticed a definite improvement in my skin over the past few weeks since I’ve been using these products.  My skin is more consistently glowing and the blackheads on my nose have definitely shrunk.    All the hype about these products is very true.  They are great products and I thoroughly recommend trying them out, especially in the Winter months where our skin becomes dull and is weather beaten, it’s good to look after your skin, if you don’t no one else will!
Available at for £29, I’ve attempted to find it on the Origins website but they’re either sold out or just no longer listing it (even though I seen an image of it). This is a gift set, I’m not sure how long it is available.  I think it’s a brilliant way to try all the masks out! The masks are normally about £20 each for 100ml, all three are only 75ml in this set, but I think that’s great value for money! Plus with buying presents for everyone else it’s nice to treat yourself too…That’s my excuse anyway!

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