Review: Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream

What it says on about the cream: “This hydrating eye cream smoothes the appearance of fine lines and hydrates, with protective gingko. Anti-oxidant vitamins help protect for a younger looking eye contour.”

I bought this a few months ago and initially I only used it a few times a week, then as time progressed I was using it everyday, morning and night.  This was not because I thought it was brilliant and that I needed more of it, I was using it more frequently because I was hoping I might see a difference if I used it more.

Unfortunately this product didn’t work for me.  I used a small amount on the socket, so just around my eye without touching the sensitive skin directly below my eye.  It is a lotion consistency but slightly thicker.  It applied fine and absorbs quickly and my skin definitely felt slightly softer and I did notice a bit of a brightening effect after initial application but this fades by the time I get around to applying my makeup about an hour later.   I also didn’t notice any improvement in the fine lines that have recently appeared around my eyes.

It cost £6.99 for 15ml or 0.5 Us Fl. Oz. Which isn’t bad pricing for the amount of product you get.  However it didn’t work at all for me.  I have normal/combination skin type, sometimes on the oiler side than normal.  So if you have skin similar to me, this product won’t do anything for you.  It may work better for drier skin as it will help in moisturising.

I’d give this a 3/10 and I won’t be using it anymore as I’ve other eye creams to investigate! Hopefully with better results!

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