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I picked these blushes up recently in the January sale for £2 each and the empty palette was £3. So a bit of a bargain. 3 of the colours have shimmer in them, the fourth is matt. They are all very creamy and highly pigmented. They last well, fading slightly towards the end of day but they fade naturally and don’t go patchy.

Top (L-R) Milan; New York
Bottom (L -R) Glowing; Flush

As you can see below they are very pigmented and a little goes a long way.  I usually tap my brush onto the back of my hand to take off the excess so I don’t end up with too much product on my face.

Swatches in Day Light
(L-R) Milan; New York; Glowing; Flush

The two marbled blushes, Milan & New York, could also be used as highlighters.  They sheer out really well and because they’re packed with both shimmer and colour they add a nice glow without looking too glittery. Glowing has more colour than shimmer so could be used as a nice contour.  I have used it lightly to warm my cheeks, it has peachy tones with a tiny amount of shimmer.  Flush is a warm matt pink and does what it says on the tin, gives a lovely flush of colour to my cheeks. Great for those days when you don’t want to wear any shimmer, this is quite a natural pink.

Sheered Out
(L-R) Milan; New York; Glowing; Flush

I have to say I love these blushes.  I picked mine up in superdrug and there was a great range of colours to choose from. As of the 13th Jan they were on offer, 4 for £10 (normally £4). The palette retails in superdrug full price for £5. I think they’re worth picking up, the palette is really handy for my bag and has a great sized mirror.

Fashionista Website here
Superdrug Fashionista section here

Disclaimer: I bought all products myself during the January sales. I am not affiliated with any brand/company.

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