Review: Nail Rock nail wraps!


I picked up these Nail Rock nail wraps quite a while ago but simply never got around to using them.  So on a quiet Sunday I took out the polka dot wraps and some Revlon nail varnish to attempt to apply the nail wraps.

Along with the nail wraps you also got an acetone wipe, a nail file/buffer, mini orange stick and a wee booklet with some info.

I would recommend making sure you give your nails a really good clean with the wipe and use the nail buffer to remove any bits that might be a bit ragged.  Trim the wrap to as close to the nail length as possible then stick it down and hold it there.  Use the orange stick to make sure the edges of the wraps are firmly stuck down around the bed of the nail and up around the sides of the nail.  You can use the nail file to then smooth off any extra wrap from the end of the nail.

This is what they looked like shortly after being applied.

After a few days the ends of the wraps became noticeably ragged and untidy looking.  They also started to lift off at the end.  Three of them became so untidy and loose that I had to remove them.  I should note that I was wearing gloves regularly due to chilly weather, so this may have caused them to lose some of their stickiness!

Some ragged looking nails below!

Below is a picture of my nails after removing some of the wraps and repainting them to match (excuse of the messiness).  I think it still looks quite funky.  The rest of the wraps still on well until the end of the week.  They did start to look a bit untidy but not so much that I had to remove them.

When I removed the nail wraps after 10 days they did remove some of the top layer of nail.  Nothing too massive, I was able to tidy it up with a nail buffer.  I also gave my nails a good break before I painted them again and used a L’Occitane’s Shea butter hand cream and some nail & cuticle oil.

I picked these up in boots for about £6.50.  I think they’re OK, something a bit different.  Might be fun for a night out.  I’m not sure if they wraps didn’t stick well because it was my first time applying them, I did find them a bit fiddly.  I did pick up another packet at the same time so I will be trying them out again at some point.  I’ll pop up an instructional post when I do it.

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