A bit of pampering needed!

So yesterday I was feeling super rubbish, going through the usual monthly fun! Oh the joys of being a female! Anyway painkillers and hot water bottle seemed to be working but I was generally feeling sorry for myself.  So I decided to give myself a mini pamper – something that wouldn’t zap all my energy and would make me feel like a bit more human.

Bring on the face mask!

I used Garnier Pure Anti-blackhead Deep pore wash – this is a great exfoliator and after getting up a good lather and giving my face a real clean, my skin already felt that wee bit fresher after rinsing.   I then applied Origins Out of Trouble mask and left this on for about 15minutes.  While I was enjoying my face mask I also applied some Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing eye lotion onto two round cotton pads and popped these on my eyes.

I was in heaven.  My eyes were tired due to lack of sleep, it’s not pleasant when they feel dry, itchy and are a bit red.  The soothing lotion really does work a treat – I’ll pop up a proper review soon.  Let’s just say my eyes were no longer red, itchy and sore 15minutes later.

I rinsed off the face mask and took a muslin cloth to my face to make sure it was all removed (I usually find a white patch near my hairline).  Then I dried my face and applied some of the Balance Me Radiance face oil.  The sample I have has a little roller ball at the top, so I rolled it only my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.  I only applied a small amount and then massaged it into my skin.

My face was left feeling really clean, soft and thoroughly soothed.  This made me feel heaps better and that bit more relaxed.  I think I’ll be repeating this with a different mask on Sunday night.

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