Review: L’Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow quad

So I picked up this eyeshadow quad a few weeks ago, it’s from the L’Oreal Colour Riche range, the palette is called Eau de Rose.



It’s supposed to be similar to your eye shape so you can use each colour how they are meant.  I thought this was a good idea for beginners, to show you how to apply each shadow to get a nice look on your eyes.



Below are swatches done with my fingers on my arm, as you can see the pigmentation is great and it seems like they’d be great shadows to work with and seem lovely and creamy.



Below are swatches made with a synthetic brush. Barely any of the pigmentation transferred onto my skin. I had to do quite a few swipes to get the colour that I did! I was surprised by how much the dark purple colour showed up!  The bottom photo has swatches done with a natural brush.  The payoff if even less.  I can’t believe how little is transferred onto my skin.  It makes this product incredibly hard to work with and you end up rubbing your eyes quite a bit, just to get a bit of colour on there! Not fun!




Below is a picture of the fall out.  Another issue with this product, the fall out is unreal. Huge amounts of product ends up wasted through fall out, you should be able to see some on the larger peachy shadow. As you can image you don’t want this dropping onto your clothes or face! Again not making this an enjoyable experience.



All in all I wouldn’t recommend this product at all! It’s currently retailing for £7.99 at boots and superdrug.  When you consider that you can pick up a sleek eyeshadow palette for the same price, I would rather spend the money on it! At least you know you will get good pigmentation and easy to work with products!


Really disappointed with this product.


Here’s my video review.

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