Rimmel Apocalips Review

So I picked up these Rimmel Apocalips a few weeks ago and I have to say I’ve gotten great use out of them.  I am thoroughly impressed with these little gems!
(L-R) Celestial; Galaxy; Luna

The are currently retailing for £5.99 at boots and Superdrug and I’m sure you could also find them online.  I bought them on a 3 for 2 offer at boots.

These are very creamy and apply very well.  They have a doe foot applicator with a small well in the centre.  This well helps the product apply so well.  You don’t have to put a blob in the centre of your lips and then spread the product over your lips to get an even coverage.  This applies similar to a lipstick and feels like a lipstick on your lips.  There is no sticky-ness at all.  These are definitely the lip lacquers they claim to be! No lip gloss type issues at all.

Daylight swatches (L-R) Celestial; Galaxy; Luna

The longevity of the product is also surprising!  I applied a coat of this at 8am and I check it again at 10.30 after a cup of tea and a glass of water – although there was transfer on the cup and glass, I still had colour on my lips!  I was able to rub my lips together and I could still feel the moisture of the product there and the colour was still there.  So impressed.  I had to touch up after lunch and then again before I left for the evening.  So twice throughout the day is not bad at all!

When the colour did fade, it did so gracefully.  There was no patchy-ness, no odd drying of my lips which can sometimes lead to wee bally odd things on my lips – a mix of product and dead skin.  So I’m happy that it faded so naturally.  It didn’t dry my lips at all.

I recommend giving these a whirl if you fancy something different to your lipstick!

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