Weekend Skin care!

So now for my weekend skincare, I know it’s not even midweek but we can dream of the weekend!

Above is a picture of the products I bring out. I should’ve included my Simple face wipes – the standard green package.  I use these to remove any makeup if I’m wearing any.

I then lightly scrub my face with my Garnier Pure Anti-blackhead Deep pore wash – basically it’s a bit of an exfoliator that gives your face a really good clean. I don’t fully dry my face, I use a muslin cloth over my face to remove most of the water, leaving my face slightly damp.

Then on goes the Origins Clear Improvements mask.  I let this dry really well, you can look at yourself in the mirror to see if you see any damp bits – you’ll also feel it harden on your face.  Once dry I splash water on my face, giving it a bit of a rub with my hands. I then go back in with the muslin cloth to get the rest of the mask off.

Once all that mask is fully removed and your face is dry, I feel my skin is super super dry.  I get out the Origins Drink Up mask – you should use this for ten minutes, I sometimes leave it on a wee bit longer if my skin needs it.  I then take my damp muslin to wipe this mask off, you can use damp cotton pads or just rinse it with water.  I prefer using that damp muslin.

I then pat my face dry and leave it alone until just before I go to bed.

So after I’ve washed my teeth and I’m all ready for bed, I’ll use my Balance Me radiance face oil.  I just rub a wee bit on my forehead, my cheeks and my chin – you don’t need much!  I’ll then massage that oil into my skin.  Then I’m all set for bed!

I only do this once a week.  I do my other face mask routine mid-week, so I’ve something to look forward to tomorrow evening at least! I sometimes do my eyes on the weekend too (but normally my eyes aren’t as tired on weekends)

Something to note, if your skin is in bad shape this will likely draw out more imperfections but I’ve noticed the more I do this the less outbreaks I’m getting, so it seems to be gradually clearing my skin, well between this mask and my other weekly mask routine.

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