Rimmel Kate Lipstick Review

I picked up this lipstick quite a while ago and never really got round to using it very much.  The more I liked it in the shop when I swatched it, when I got it home I wasn’t overly keen on it when I put it on my lips.  I have quite dark lips, so this seemed really light when applied.

This is shade 101 Soft Pink Matte Lasting Finish By Kate

I decided to try it again though today.  So I got out my Urban Decay lip primer in a bid to lighten my lips and to help with application.  I have to admit this definitely did help with muting my lips so the lipstick didn’t look quite so odd.

As you can see it is quite a light muted pink.

(Daylight swatch)

 This is what it looks like on the lips.  It’s not actually too bad once I’ve muted my lips. It took me a while to adjust but I’m pleased with the colouring now, I think this is as light pink nude as my lips are going to get!

To be honest I’m still not overly keen on this lipstick, I know it’s a matte lipstick so it will be drying, this however goes a bit patchy and is very drying. I needed to top this up only a few hours after application, which compared to my Illamasqua matte lipsticks, this is a bit pants, my Illamasqua lipsticks last for a large chunk of the day without needing to be reapplied and I can just pop some lipbalms over the top of them to keep the colour.  So the Lasting Finish thing is a bit of a fib!  Application is ok, it goes on fine – although make sure you scrub & moisturise your lips first! Pigmentation is pretty good too.  I’m just not overly keen on it after a few hours.

This retails for about £5.50 at Superdrug/Boots.

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