elf HD Blush Review

I’ve been dying to try out these elf HD blushes since I seen them in various youtube videos in the US!  Of course things take a bit longer to be released here!
It’s quite compact in size, it’s much smaller than I anticipated, although this is no bad thing!  It comes with a pump, which is easy to use, although be warned, press lightly, you only need a small amount!
I picked up the blush in Diva.  Which is a lovely hot pink, but can be quite sheer on the cheeks, or you can build it up if you want more colour for a night out!
I’ve actually applied far too much to my hand here – simply so you can see that you really only need a tiny amount.
This is what that tiny amount did!  I’ve tried to sheer it out a bit more on my wrist, so you can see around the edges exactly how soft and sheer you can make it.
I would recommend using a stippling brush to apply this product.  I normally apply some blush to the back of my hand, pat it down with my fingers, then I dab the stippling brush into the blush, dab it onto a clean part of my hand – just to make sure I don’t apply too much to my face.  Once I’m happy with the amount on the brush, I’ll apply it to my face!
This is it just after application.  It’s so lovely on the cheeks – great colour.  It lasts well on the cheeks and didn’t go patchy.  This is available from the elf website for £3.75 for 10ml!  I’m so impressed.

I will let you know how I get on in the future if it dries out or anything else.  I think it’s great value for money!  I got mine in a 50% sale, so even more of a bargain.  You can keep your eyes open for elf sales, they happen regularly!

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