March in Nails!

imPress Space Cadet
I started the month off with a lovely set of imPress Nails in Space Cadet.
This set didn’t last me as long as the last set I tried.  Maybe I didn’t spend long enough pressing them on.  I will still try more of these nails, I think they’re great fun!


essie Grow Stronger
 As the imPress nails didn’t last too long, I thought I’d give my nails a wee break with essie’s grow stronger, in the vain hope that my nails will improve!
BarryM Blueberry, Blackberry
I got my hands on these polishes while they were on offer in Superdrug…I may have picked up a few! I’m really quite impressed with these.  The pigmentation is great for these polishes and they last pretty well.  In this picture I haven’t applied a top coat – they’re so shiny! They lasted about 3 days without base coat or top coat.    Really pleased.
BarryM Prickly Pear, Teal
Another of the Gelly polishes – Prickly Pear.  Such a lovely lilac/purple.  It definitely needs 2 coats, maybe 3 if you want it really opaque.  The Teal is one of the standard BarryM polishes, I thought it looked nice with the Prickly Pear.   This lasted about 4-5 days, althoug there was a small amount of chipping at that point.


BarryM  Blood Orange
Can you tell I just wanted to really try out the BarryM Gelly polishes!  This is a lovely strong vibrant colour.  It’s brighter still in person.  I thought this was a lovely polish.  All the Gelly polishes are lovely to apply and I generally really enjoy wearing them.


Rimmel Grape Sorbet,  Maybelline Surreal
I also bought these polishes in March (I was clearly having a nail obsession). I loved the colour of the Rimmel Grape Sorbet, it definitely requires 2 coats.  The Maybelline Surreal was also a lovely colour and would need 2 coats to get it fully opaque.  I massively chipped my nails the next day, so I repainted them in a different pattern.


Rimmel Grape Sorbet,  Maybelline Surreal
 Both polishes had broad flat brushes, which I really do prefer, a few swipes and your nail is done.   They didn’t last particularly long which was a bit disappointing as Maybelline claimed to have 7 days of wear and the Rimmel was a lyrca pro polish.  Neither lasted longer than any of my BarryM polishes.
Sally Hansen Kook a Mango

I got really fed up with the Rimmel and Maybelline manicure so I popped to boots and using up some advantage points I bought this nail polish and some nail polish remover wipes.  This polish is a full manicure in a bottle – no base or top coat needed.  I utterly love this colour and this polish did wear surprisingly well considering it was a lunch time manicure – so a tad rushed.  I will be checking out more Sally Hansen polishes in the future!

I think I’m going to switch to doing Nails of the Week instead of month as this is quite a long post!  I’m also going to do a full review on the BarryM Hi Shine Gelly polishes! I’m having a serious nail fling with them!

Thanks for reading!

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