Review: mac Pink Nouveau Satin Lipstick

I bought this lipstick at the end of March and had to wear it the next day.  It’s such a stunning pink.  I’m a massive fan of mac lipsticks, from the vanilla scent to the lovely creamy texture and pigmentation that is pretty much always fab!  I spotted this lipstick a few times on various beauty videos and blogposts, so when I was picking up a present for my sister in mac, I decided to treat myself to a lovely lipstick! 

Daylight swatch
As you can see from the swatch it’s a candy coloured pink – I can’t think of a better description.  It’s a bright cool pink but with a soft finish.  The satin finish is great – I have a similar coloured Rimmel lipstick in a matte finish and I have to say I prefer the satin finish by a mile.
This wears really well throughout the day, I didn’t need to reapply until late afternoon and it didn’t dry my lips.  It also wore away evenly with no patchiness. 
mac lipsticks retail for £14 and I think they are worth the money, as I mentioned I’ve only 3, I only get one if I really really want it as a treat.  I wear all my mac lipsticks regularly.
This is what it looked like on my lips. 
I would recommend going to checking it out.  It’s a lovely colour for spring and a great lipstick!

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