Bourjois Cream Blush Review

I managed to get my hands on one of the new cream blushes from Bourjois a few weeks ago and I’m so pleased I did!

Bourjois Cream Blush 03 Rose Tender
 You get 2.5g of product for £6.99 and I think it’s definitely worth it.  Considering you pay a similar price for the Revlon cream blushes and in my opinion they are not nearly as good as these blushes.

 This is a very creamy product with great pigmentation.  It can be applied lightly to give a natural flush of colour, it can also be built up to the desired colouring very easily.  There is a small amount of shimmer in the product but it’s not overly noticeable.  When it is on the skin you only really notice the shimmer when the sun hits your face, even then it’s not very noticeable!  It just adds a nice natural highlight.

Day light swatch
You can see from the swatch, this blush is a baby pink with a peach undertone.  It shows up on my fair skin very well, this may not be the case for darker skin tones.  There are a few other blushes available in the line so I’m sure you will find one to suit you.

This wears quite well throughout the day but does definitely fade after about 6 hours for me.  I do touch my face a lot throughout the day (a bad habit I’m trying to break).  So if you are better behaved than myself it may last longer on you.  It’s such a small package though that it’s easy to pop in your bag for any touch-ups.There is a good dupe in this line too.  The 04 blush is very similar to By Terry Apple Glow cream blush, I swatched it in the shop and then compared it to my By Terry blush when I got home and they were very close in colour.

All in all, I would recommend trying this out.  I love it and I’m sure it will be a firm favourite throughout the summer!  Ideal for natural days, or build it up to add more colour!

Thank you for reading!

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