L’Oreal Micellar solution & Garnier makeup remover

Today I’m bringing you a wee review on some makeup removing products that I really like.  I was going to review L’Oreal Micellar Solution by itself but I do use it with my Garnier Make-up remover.
Let’s start with L’Oreal’s Micellar Solution.  I’m a little bit in love with this product.  Previous to this I was using face wipes to remove my makeup before going on to cleanse my face.  I’d grown tired of the feel of the wipes on my face and they always seem to leave a bit of residue, which would in turn irritate my face.

I like to use this with oval cotton pads to remove my makeup.  I tend to do this just after I get in from work, I wash my face properly a few hours later, just before I go to bed.  This stuff is excellent.  It removes all my heavy duty makeup in one go, I normally only need one pad to do my face and neck.  It also removes my eye makeup, but if I’m wearing heavy eye makeup I will remove this separately.

I don’t find the micellar solution drying and I’m happy to use it hours before I wash my face.  It hasn’t broken me out or irritated my skin in any way in the weeks I’ve been using it – I have been using it daily.  I have heard that this is a great dupe for the Bioderma and it is a fraction of the cost, I have not tried Bioderma to confirm this, but to be honest, I’m unlikely to try it as this product is so good!

On those days that I wear heavy eye makeup I prefer to use my Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 Make-up Remover.  This is a dual product, you can see the layers below (it’s a tad blurry, my camera refused to focus on it while it was standing up!).

Before shaking
After giving this a really good shake, I put it onto two round cotton pads, place them on my eyes and leave them to sit for about 20seconds or so – take longer if you have the time!  Then simply wipe the product away!

This removes waterproof mascara and all types of heavy duty eye makeup, I’m so impressed with this.  I will definitely repurchase when it runs out!  It does leave a small amount of oily residue on my eyelids, but I cleanse afterwards so this isn’t an issue.  This also doesn’t irritate my eyes or cause me any “blurry” vision after use – we’ve all had it happen, the oil gets into our eyes and causes some blurry-ness.  With some mascaras I have had to go back in with a second clean cotton pad to remove the last bits of residue that catch under my eyes, or I’ll simply catch it with the micellar solution.

All in all my makeup removal takes all of 5 minutes!  Which makes me a happy girl 🙂  Both of these are an utter bargain and who doesn’t love a great product for a great price.
L’Oreal Micellar Solution retails for approx. £4.99
Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 Make-up Remover retails for approx. £2.99

Thank you for reading!

Below is a review video for these products.

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