Nail of the week, it’s all about Sally Hansen

The bigger boots near me recently got more Sally Hansen nail polishes in, they have their very own stand now! I’m so pleased to see more nail polishes being stocked in the local drugstores near me, as I am becoming a bit of a nail-a-holic.

On to the two Sally Hansen polishes that I picked up.  I got two of the complete salon manicure polishes.  I was so excited to try Mermaid’s Tale, the photograph doesn’t do it justice at all.
It has different sized green & blue glitter bits in a sheer blue base.  I thought it would go lovely with Jungle Gem.
675 Mermaid’s Tale; 674 Jungle Gem


Jungle Gem is really quite opaque and I wish I’d only done one thick coat instead of two thinner coats. I painted a single thick coat of Mermaid’s Tale on my ring finger and wee finger on both hands.  Unfortunately I didn’t wait long enough for my top coat to dry and smudged it on a few of the nails.  The glittery polish was hard to capture in the photo, I tried multiple times and this was the best I could manage.

These nail polishes did last well throughout the week and both were easy to apply.  Both polishes have a broad flat brush, which I personally love.  I think if I’d only applied one thick coat of Jungle Gem, the Mermaid’s Tale would have shown up better.  I shall try it next time and let you know.

These retail for £6.99 for 14ml and I would recommend checking them out!

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