NOTW: Butter London you say….

So this week has been all about Butter London with a dash of Barry M thrown in.

I started my week with Butter London’s Victorianna and Barry M’s sequin polish in Pink.

Barry M Pink; Butter London Victoriana
I am so impressed with the Butter London Victoriana, it was very easy to apply and was opaque after one coat.  Out of sheer habit I applied two coats.  It has a nice shimmer finish that I thought was just very pretty.  It added that wee bit of extra dimension to my nails.  This lasted quite well before chipping and I had a few compliments on the colour.

The Barry M polish wasn’t as much fun.  It was a pain to apply and didn’t apply smoothly at all, I know there are sequins in it, but the base coat almost looked lumpy – I examined the bottle a bit closer and you could see little pink bally bits…it was such a pain to use.   I think this would work better as a top coat over another polish.  I wouldn’t wear it again by itself. It also didn’t last very long, a corner of sequins got caught and the whole nail just peeled off.

Next up is another polish that I know I will have a love affair with.  It’s Butter London’s Rosie Lee.

Butter London Rosie Lee
When I applied the first coat I was almost disappointed, it wasn’t anything like the coverage I expected. So I applied a second coat and that’s when I fell in love with this polish.  The second coat gave me fully opaque sparkly nails.  This is a great glittery, sparkly addition to my polishes.  I had so many people ask me where I got it, even my beautician asked me what my polish was.  I think it’s an excellent subtle sparkly nail – I bet you thought that such a polish didn’t exist – subtle & sparkly!

This is mostly easy to apply, not in the normal sense, you can’t just do strokes down your nail as normal.  I kind of blobbed some onto the base of my nails and then spread the glitter.  So it is easy.  You definitely need two coats.  It lasted quite well and seemed to set really quite hard, so it didn’t move once it had dried.  I did apply a top coat over this but I could see feel the texture of the glitter – this isn’t the end of the world.

So those were my nails for the past 7 days!  I may be a newbie fan of Butter London.  Stunning colours and fabulous finish.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “NOTW: Butter London you say….

  1. Oooo, I have Rosie Lee too! As well as West End Wonderland and Frilly Knickers. I love Butter London they have gorgeous colours and always apply to well! Lovely post 🙂

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