Today’s lip: Rouge Edition 17 Rose Millésime

I recently added to my Rouge Edition lipsticks with this little gem.  I absolutely love it!
If you’re looking for a coral that is a bit tamer than the Maybelline Shocking Coral (which I also love!), then this is the lipstick for you!

17 Rose millésime
 This is a lovely creamy lipstick with a tiny amount of shimmer, which you can sort of see in the picture below, it’s hard to capture on camera.

This lasts for about 3hours before I had to reapply and my lips were slightly dry after those 3hrs, but not massively.  This is just a nice warm coral without being too much in your face.  I think this is a fabulous day lippie for those of you that are looking for a sensible coral to wear to work!  Thankfully my work is pretty chilled so I wear whatever I fancy.

Daylight swatch

You can see the lovely slightly shimmery finish.  It doesn’t look very shimmery on the lips, as you can see below, it just looks like a nice sheen finish.  This lipstick is definitely another great addition to my collection of Rouge Edition.

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