Emma Hardie Cleansing balm Review

You may have seen this in a recent haul from Space nk.  I’ve heard about this product for quite a while but never really had reason to buy it.  Recently however my skin hasn’t been overly happy.  It has definitely improved in the past few months but it felt like it had plateaued.  I still had some scarring from previous skin blemishes, spots of discolouration as well as the odd active spot.  So I was keen to try something new.
Emma Hardie Natural Lift Meringa Cleansing Balm


Rebecca from Rouge Pout has mentioned this product and I thought I would take her advice and try this out.  I am so pleased I did.  It is quite a creamy balm, with a beautiful scent.  It’s not overly waxy thankfully and is really pleasant to use.  I use a pea sized amount and rub it between my palms to warm it up slightly and then apply it to my dry face.  I massage it into my skin with my fingers, using circular motions.  I start with my face, focusing on any congested areas and tend to clean my eyes towards the end.  I just don’t fancy rubbing my mascara all over my face.


Pea sized amount used to cleanse my face


I rinse the face cloth under warm water and wring it out, you don’t need a soaking wet cloth dripping everywhere. I use the muslin side of the cloth in circular motions all over my face, this helps to act as an exfoilator to help give a bit of a deeper clean, again focusing on any congested areas.  I then use the softer side of the cloth over my eyes to remove the last of any makeup, then over my face as a final clean.



This doesn’t tighten my skin and removes pretty much all my makeup, if I’m wearing heavy eye makeup I will use a separate eye makeup remover.  My skin has vastly improved since I’ve been using this cleansing blam, I’m definitely having better skin days.  I use this every evening, it’s a nice relaxing ritual before bed.  This has been helping my skin recover from a bit of a bad reaction to a foundation.  Without this I’m sure my skin would have been much, much worst.


You get 100ml for £34 and I also got the face cloths, 3 for £10, I picked both of mine up at SpaceNK.  I only use a small amount to clean my face, so I can see this lasting for quite a while.  I think it is definitely worth the money and I recommend checking it out or, if you’re like me, put it on a wish list for a few months and then buy it on a whim one day!


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