Was hoping to get this up yesterday but my body decided otherwise! Oh the joys! So after that little bit of TMI, here are the goodies I bought at IMATS on Saturday!!!
Lets start with my most exciting goodies – well I’ve been waiting to buy these for months and months. INGLOT eyeshadows.
INGLOT 10 palette & eyeshadows
Below I’ve popped them into the palette – I had a mishap with one which I was so upset about, but that’s life!

INGLOT 10 shadow freedom palette

Next up, lots of brushes!! I don’t have the names of them all but I’ll pop the video below where I’ve read the names off the back.  Basically it’s lots of eyeliners, some fluffy brushes and some face brushes!

Bdellium brushes

Royal & Langnickel

Crown Brushes & Blender
So that’s all the brushes out of the way!  More makeup! First up a lovely OCC Lip Tar.

OCC Lip Tar in Trollip
And a bit more makeup, this time NYX.  2 lip liners, 3 eyeliners and 2 Jumbo pencils.

NYX goodies

Last bits of makeup, these are all from StarGazer, 3 metallic eyeshadows, 2 glitter eyeliners and one plain purple eyeliner, 3 nail polishes and surprisingly for me, 2 glitter tubs and gel to apply the glitter….I’ve some creative stuff in mind 🙂

StarGazer goodies
I got a wee freebie from StarGazer as well, a quilted bucket bag, which I think is a great freebie!

StarGazer Freebie bag!

Finally I have some eyelashes – again a bit odd for me, but as I said I fancy doing more creative stuff, so I got some lashes to play with. One set with a glitter band, another set has lots of lashes and the third set are for the outer third of your eye.
So that’s all the goodies I bought!  I will pop up a post all about the experience and the various other beauty bloggers that I met on the day.  Plus some photos of the event itself!

So the video of the haul is below if you fancy a look!  I would recommend getting a beverage of your choice before watching, it’s a wee bit long…Enjoy!

Thanks for reading an watching! Reviews will follow with swatches and other fun stuff!

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