The Red Lippy Project

So last week was cervical cancer awareness week and The Red Lippy Project was in full swing in a bid to raise awareness.  I thought it could always do with a wee boost after the fact.  It’s something that is good to be aware of and we all know it’s an uncomfortable experience but it could be life saving ladies!

Anyway, back to the makeup.  I managed to wear a red lip 3 times last week, here are the looks and the lipsticks that I wore.

First up we have Marilyn from the Diorific collection, from Dior obviously!

To say I love this lipstick is an understatement.  It is a lovely true red with slightly cool tones. I wore this with a lovely lip liner from Barry M in number 3.  This was my favourite lip of the week.

Next up was a matte red from Illamasqua in Drench.

This is another cool toned red.  It’s a lovely matte shade and it stayed put all day.

My final red lip of the week was another Illamasqua lipstick, this is Encounter.

This is a much more warm toned red.  Again this stayed put all day.

I’ve really enjoyed wearing reds this week!  I rarely wear a red lip at the minute, so it was fun to push my boundaries a bit.  I would’ve been entirely lost without my Barry M lip liner.  It also reminded me to book a smear test, which I’m off to tomorrow 🙂  Go check out The Red Lippy Project website here.

So go ahead and book that test ladies!  Yes it’s uncomfortable, but it’s a few minutes of discomfort for the reassurance that all is well, or if all is not well, it’s best to find out sooner rather than later.

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