Eve Lom Rescue mask…my experience

So I got this sample as part of my SpaceNK goodie back from their summer shopping event.
I have to admit I was really excited to try this, Eve Lom is a brand I’d heard about and thought it would work even better than my Origins Rescue mask!  Even the sample packaging looks fabulously luxurious!

 It is a clay based mask with bits in.  It requires A LOT of shaking to get it mixed to produce a decent consistency that you can spread across your face.  That was my only frustration with the application – the shaking.  If you didn’t shake it enough, a watery fluid came out and didn’t do much.

So this is what I used in my face mask routine.  The Garnier face scrub to exfoilate my skin – I know Caroline Hirons would cry because it’s got bits in and it foams, but I use it once a fortnight (alternating with my Dr Jart exfoilator) and would like to finish the product!  Next I apply the face mask for about 15minutes.  Once I’ve rinsed it off with a face cloth I dry my face, apply my Cell Renewal serum from bareMinerals.  After my serum has sunk in a wee bit I apply my Origins Ginzing eyecream from Origins and followed that with my ReVive Moisturising cream.

I should point out that I had used all the products bar the face mask on numerous occasions without problems!  Heck I have used all of it daily except for the scrub!

Anyway my skin had a few minor breakouts going on, so I was hoping that the face mask would bring these to a head and help them clear quicker – similar to my Origins Rescue mask.

Well it would seem I was going to be sorely disappointed.

A rather lovely picture of me with the mask on!

I tried this mask on two occasions – on both occasions I had a few minor break outs, the second occasion my skin was in really good condition apart from a  few small spots that were coming up around my mouth/chin area.

Both times this mask made my skin noticeably worse – I developed spots in areas that my skin was really good in fact!  There were no underlying spots that I could see and generally I was pleased with it.  So the first time I thought maybe I had left the mask on too long, so the second time I only left it on for 10 minutes.  I used the mask almost 4 weeks apart.

After the second time, my skin became really really irritated.  I got a chorus of wee red spots – they didn’t have a head on them and looked more like bites.  I got some on my forehead – which is a rarity for me.  My skin looked worse, not better.  I was distraught!  I reduced the amount of products I was using in the hope that this would help my skin.   I did do my Rodial snake mask a couple of days later, this helped.  My Emma Hardie cleanser helped – I used it morning and night, I also made sure to use my Cell Renewal serum as this always helps irritation on my skin.  I think a combination of my good skin care items helped but just not quick enough, this went on for about 4 days and it was gradually getting better but just not quick enough.  I  purchased the Dr Jart gentle exfoilator and the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, as soon as I got home I used both and my skin became so much better within hours.  Thank God!

I know this mask works really well for some people, but it seems to have got over-excited on my skin and irritated it a lot.  I do have slightly sensitive skin, but I have never had this reaction to a mask before in my life.  Ever.  I have used other deep cleansing masks and never had this reaction.  So I would recommend getting a sample of this before purchasing the full size, it’s not exactly cheap at £35 for 50ml at SpaceNK.

This is my experience only, I just thought it worth sharing so you are aware that it isn’t necessarily suitable for everyone.

Thank you for reading!

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