Skin Care Extras!

So this is the final post in my skin care series! This is all about the face masks I love, the other things I use on my face for extra skin goodness.

Face Masks
I’ll start with the face masks I use for serious deep cleaning action. First up, Rodial Glamoxy Snake mask, this mask comes out when my face is in dire straits and I need something to get it sorted again. This is an expensive mask that I doubt I’ll repurchase due to cost but it is such a fantastic mask that clears my skin and settles everything back down, even when my skin is at it’s worst.  It has a gel like consistency and once dried you peel this mask off.  It doesn’t leave my skin tight at all, just very very clean.  I bought this at SpaceNK

Next up are the wonderful Origins masks.  The Deep Cleansing mask is wonderful when my skin is in bad nick and needs a good clean to get all the gunk out.  This is great for that.  It is a clay mask and once dried you wash it off either with a face cloth or just some running water.  It doesn’t really leave my skin tight but it does leave it slightly dry.  A second Origins mask that is good for when I’ve the odd break out but nothing serious is the 10 minute rescue mask.    Another clay based mask that this seems to help those spots come up properly and get rid of them that bit quicker.  Again you just wash off once dried.  The third and final Origins mask if the Drink up mask.  I use this after I’ve used a cleansing mask, so any that I’ve mentioned of the Soap & Glory on that I’m about to mention.  I find cleansing masks to be a bit drying on my face and I love using this mask afterwards as it’s really does a great job at moisturising my face.  I leave it for about 10minutes and then just wipe it off with a cotton pad!  My face feels lovely afterwards.    I got these three masks in a christmas set for £30 and it’s the best £30 I’ve spent to be honest.  I could last on just these masks I reckon. You can pick them up at boots.

I’ve a Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Facial Peel mask which has taken me a wee while to love.  This is not a peel off mask, it’s clay based with tiny little  green beads that dissolve as you scrub it into your face.  You can use this as a skin refreshing scrub or as a mask if you let it dry for about 15minutes.  I use it as a mask and I’ve really grown to love it.  It leaves an odd feeling on my face once rinsed off, I can’t put my finger on it.  It feels clean but also as if there is some residue I think…I’m not sure.  It helps brighten my skin and deals with minor breakouts.  I always use my Drink Up mask after this as I find it quite drying.  I tend to use this mask once a week. Again another mask that I picked up at boots.

Another brightening mask is the Ren glycolactic radiance renewal mask.  I got this as a sample from SpaceNK.  I quite like it when my skin needs a bit of freshening but it generally in good condition.  It just brightens everything up – just as it says.  I use this once a fortnight.  I’m not sure I’d rush out to purchase but I’m enjoying using it at the minute.  If you have good skin, this mask might be for you!

The final mask is the Wei Gingko leaf mask.  This was another sample that I got from SpaceNK.  I loved this, I have already done a review on this here.  So you can read all about it.  I’m now looking for other sheet masks to test out!

Now for some exfoliators.  I have this wee sample of the Clarins Exfoliating Toner and I think I’m in love.  I was only using this twice a week and seeing slight improvements, I’ve since started using every evening and noticed a massive difference!  So I will be buying a full size when it’s back in stock as I’ve now used this all up.  I know the pixi glow tonic is a dupe but it’s a pain to get and by the time I’ve paid for delivery or got it when in London next, well it’s almost of the cost of the Clarins!  Plus I know the Clarins works for me.  So I’m getting it for now.  Next up is the Dr Jart Clear Away Gel, which is a lovely gentle exfoliator that I apply with damp hands to a dry face.  This helps to clear away the dead skin and debris from my face without being too harsh.  I use this before using most of the masks mentioned.  The final exfoliator is the Garnier Anti-blackhead Deep pore wash.  This has little coarse bits in that really help scrub your face.  This only comes out when my skin is in a bad state, I usually use this before using my Rodial mask.  It is a great scrub for my face and removes absolutely every kind of dirt from my face, but it is quite harsh on my skin so I don’t like using it weekly as it tends to dry my skin out quite a bit.

The last bits I have are the Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion and a bareMinerals moisturiser.  The Eyebright is just fabulous for when I’ve tired, sore eyes.  I pop this on two cotton pads and straight onto my eyes.  This really helps to sooth my tired eyes and force me to relax my eyes a bit – most people tend to have their eyes quite forward in their eye sockets as they work to focus on things, sounds odd, but it’s true.  Try closing your eyes and really relax them, you will feel them move back into your head.  I work in IT and spend a lot of time focusing close range and never remember to focus elsewhere and relax my eyes – I know, I’m a muppet.  Anyway for those evenings when my eyes are super tired and red and sore, this lotion works wonders – also lovely to do while using a face mask.  I’ve even tried putting it in the fridge for a wee while before application and this was sooooo lovely – so for you hayfever sufferers this might be a good thing for you?   Now for the moisturiser – this could be any moisturiser to be honest,  it’s whichever moisturiser that hasn’t worked well for my face, I use it on my neck and décolletage – these areas wrinkle pretty badly as we age so I think it’s important to moisturise them at least once a day!  I don’t like wasting products so my unwanted moisturisers get used up and my neck/décolletage are moisturised!  Everyone is a winner!

So that’s the whole kit, well done for reading all that!! Let me know if you’ve any questions. If you’d rather watch me chat all about these products you can check out my video below 🙂

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