StarGazer Nail Polish Review


I am so glad I found these nail polishes at IMATS.  I bought these three as they stood out the most on the day, I’ve since checked out the website and there are quite a few more I intend to check out! You can buy them online here and they retail for £2.


314; 135; 102 (L-R)


They’ve very easy to apply and wear really well.  All the swatches are two coats.  With the darker blue green and the orange shade I would recommend three thin coats, you get great depth of colour and a really rich colour.  I think the orange in particular is a new found love, again it and the darker blue green will transition well into autumn/winter.  They come with a thin round brush and I’ve had no issues with the brush.  It applies everything evenly without being streaky at all.

102; 314; 135

I definitely recommend checking these out.  I’m still testing out the eyeshadows and the other bits I picked up from StarGazer, so I will let you know how I get on with those at some point!


Thank you very much for reading :)If you’d like to watch this review you can check out the video below!


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