17 Solo Eyeshadow Review!

17 Solo Eyeshadows
I’ve been a fan of these lovely little eyeshadows for quite some time.  In fact that green in the bottom left, I’m sure I’ve had that for about 6 years…mmm, it would seem it’s no longer available actually…  Anyway I really love these little shadows from the 17 boots brand and I rarely hear anything about them in the beauty blogging world, so I thought I should shine some light on them!

They’ve got brilliant pigmentation, majority of them apply to the lid really well.  There is some fall out but no more than an Urban Decay eyeshadow.  I have to say that older eyeshadow is a bit chalky, they have been reformulated since this shadow was released.  I would recommend using an eyelid primer when using these eyeshadows as they may not last particularly long without one – especially if you have oily lids like myself!

Left to Right: Funfair, Statuesque, Rose Quartz
These are the easiest to wear during the day, I particularly love Funfair and Statuesque for day time wear, for that bit of barely there shimmer.  Rose Quartz will undoubtedly get more wear now in Autumn.

Left to Right, Walnut Pearl, Regal, Gold Emerald
Walnut Pearl and Gold Emerald will definitely be getting a few more outings in Autumn. Such lovely shimmer that is really easy to work with and fun to play with either all over the lid or just in the crease.  Check out Regal, seriously, how lovely does that look.

Left to Right: Superstar, Seagreen Splash, Green Glimmer
These eyeshadows tend to get brought out for St Patrick’s day celebrations however I do quite love Seagreen if I want that teal, minty mix and I’m a fan of Green Glimmer if I just fancy something a bit different to brighten my day!

These retail for £3.89 and are available to buy from boots either in store or online.
I have done a video review down below if you want to watch me rave about these.

Thank you for reading!

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