Crown Brush Review

These are the Crown brushes that I bought while at IMATS a few months ago.  I’ve really enjoyed these brushes and a few have made it to being regularly used favourites.
All of these brushes wash well and there is very little shedding, apart from one or two of the brushes.

First lets talk Face Brushes!

Top to bottom: BK14, IB126, C106
The top brush is BK14 Deluxe Oval Shadow brush, it took me a while to figure out what I would use this brush for, it’s supposed to be an eye brush but I’ve discovered I love using it under my eyes.  This is quite a dense brush and I use it to apply my bareMinerals Well Rested powder, it really packs on the product without leaving it cakey after application, so is brilliant for covering any dark circles! Winner.  There is a small amount of shedding with this brush but it rarely leaves hairs on my face.
Next is the IB126 Chisel Blush brush, this is a natural tapered brush and it fabulous for applying blush nice and lightly, which of course allows you to build it up and blend it out as you go!  It’s a lovely soft brush that is lovely to use.
The bottom brush is C106 Pointed Dome brush, which is another natural fibre brush.  I’m not overly keen on this brush to be honest.  It doesn’t pick up blush as well as the IB126 brush and there is some shedding with this brush.  It is good for blending out already applied blush, just not the best for applying it in the first place.

Now for Eye brushes!

Top to bottom: SS027 x2, C215, C106, IB113
The top two brushes are definite firm favourites, these are the SS027 Syntho Deluxe Blending Crease brushes.  These are absolutely brilliant blending brushes and have become absolute staples in my makeup routine. They pick up product really well and blend out colour really well.  They’re so soft and lovely.  I cannot recommend them enough.
The middle brush is C215 Angle Brow brush.  I’ve mentioned this before but I love using these smaller angled brushes for my eyeliner, I’ve lots more control, which means less likelihood of messing it up!  I have used this for shaping my brows and it does a good job of that too.  It picks up product well and applies it well.
Next is the C160 1/16″ Taklon Angle Liner brush.  This is quite a big angled liner brush, not the finest point on it but not too thick either, so if you are looking for a brush to do a thick cat flick or just a thicker line, this is the brush for you.  I do like this brush, its great for applying gel or eyeshadow as an eyeliner.
Finally is IB113 Taklon Liner brush.  This brush is another slightly thicker angled brush, it’s great for getting that thicker line.  Both of these slightly thicker angled brushes are great for softening out liner too.

All is all I’m quite pleased with these brushes.  You can check them out at the Crown Brush website.  They’re all quite reasonably priced, ranging from £2.99 up to about £12 for the face brushes.

If you’ve any questions please shout!  If you’d like to see a video review and get a closer look at these brushes you can check it out down below.

Thanks for reading!

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