September Empties!

September Empties
As you can see I’ve a few empty products this month.

Lets talk skin care first

Empty Skin care products
I’ve used up two more Biore nose strips.  These are fine, I’m not overly sold on them still. I’ve finally used up my Liz Earle Skin Tonic.  I’ve been using this in the mornings after my Botanics cleansing balm, it’s been great for removing any residue left my the balm.  It’s lovely and fresh and nice to use, it has lasted for about a year of use on and off.  I’ve finished my bareMinerals Active Cell Renewal Night serum, this is another product that lasted months.  I use this after I’ve cleansed and used my exfoliating toner.  I noticed a massive difference when I first started using this product, less so in recent months.  I  may repurchase this in future but for now I’m trying out other products.  A product I’m throwing out but is not actually finished is Balm Balm lip balm.  I’m just really not a fan of this product, so it’s getting chucked.  I’ve used up a packet of cotton rounds from Superdrug, nothing exciting to report.  Finally, I’ve finished an Emma Hardie cleansing balm.  You’ve heard me rave about this before and I have actually repurchased this.  I love it!

On to hair & body care

Hair & Body Care Empties
I’ve used up the L’Oreal Elivive Smooth & Polish Protecting shampoo and conditioner.  I did like these products, they didn’t weigh my hair down and left it soft and shiny.  I have two shower gels, the Imperial Leather Japanese Spa and boots Zingy Mint.  I enjoyed both of these and I do tend to repurchase these quite regularly.  I’ve an empty Baylis & Harding in peony, white tea & jasmine, this smelt lovely and fresh and did a good job of cleaning my hands.  I’ve used up a multi-pack of Wilkinsons razors, exciting I know! I enjoy these razors.  Finally for body is a Salt Scrub from Sanctuary.  I absolutely loved this and I will definitely purchase a full size when I use up my current body scrub.  This left my skin really soft, its quite a coarse scrub, but it didn’t irritate my skin.  Love the scent of this scrub too.

Now for some random empties

Random Empties
I’ve used up a box of cotton buds, I normally pick these up from lidl, they’re great for tidying up eyeliner and of course for your ears.  I have two candles, a vanilla candle from evolution (a shop in Brighton) – which I really enjoyed and it had a beautiful scent and a diptyque candle in mimosa (I got this small sample as part of a goodie bag from spaceNK), I wasn’t overly fussed by this candle, it didn’t have a particularly strong scent.  I used up This Works deep sleep pillow spray, this is another sample from a spaceNK goodie bag, I wasn’t overly impressed with this and I won’t be buying a full sample.  It just didn’t seem to help me fall asleep.  Next is an empty Right Guard 72H deodorant, I really enjoyed this and it did keep me dry throughout the day, I will likely repurchase it.  I’ve an almost empty Sally Hansen complete nail care polish, it’s become really glupy and a pain to use, so it’s ready for the bin.  Finally I have a baby shampoo, I use this to deep clean my brushes once a week and it does the job, I’ve already repurchased it.

Finally for makeup!

Makeup Empties
I’ve a few used mascaras this month that I’ve enjoyed using, 17 Wild Curls brown/black mascara did a great job without weighing down my lashes, Liz Earle Lash Definition mascara in black, this was lovely to wear and coated my lashes really well.  A mascara I didn’t enjoy is Benefit’s They’re Real! This is a really wet formula and even after leaving this for a few months to dry it, I still didn’t enjoy using it.  I finished an Hourglass mineral veil primer sample, this was fine, I wouldn’t rush out to buy a full size. I’m getting rid of this Laura Mercier lip gloss, I found this really sticky and it wasn’t nice to use.  I finally used up my Maybelline Mastershape brow pencil in dark blonde. This was fine, I’m testing out a few different brow products at the minute, but I may repurchase this in future.  I’m getting rid of this Stila liquid eyeliner, it’s a fine point marker style liner, I just didn’t get on with this, I found it difficult to get a nice clean line.  Finally I’m getting rid of an elf cream eyeliner in purple.  This had just completely dried out, I did get some use of it before it dried up.  I wasn’t overly keen on this, I prefer my maybelline gel eyeliner.

Thank you for reading!

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