Sleek Vintage Romance Eyeshadow Palette Review!

Sleek Vintage Romance Palette
I am absolutely in love with this palette from Sleek.  There is a great range of beautiful Autumnal colours.  Most of them have a metallic finish, these are very creamy.  There are a few matte shades, these are slightly powdery with a small amount of glitter.  They are really fun to work with and overall they’re nice and creamy.  I’ve used a single shade all over my lid and then using the same colour on a fluffy brush in my crease,blended out,  it’s just a lovely one colour look – really very simple.  You can use a damp brush if you want more of an intense, metallic shimmery finish on your lid.  I’ve done some swatches below.  The matte shades do have a wee bit more fall out than the metallic shades but not huge amounts.

Sleek Vintage Romance Swatches

From left to right, the long matte black Love in London.  Next from the top we have some plummy shades, matte Honeymoon in Hollywood; metallic Bliss in Barcelona; matte Forever in Florence.  The middle four colours are a bit of a mix.  From the top we have an lovely navy Romance in Rome; a nice crease matte shade Propose in Prague; a rosey cranberry metallic A Vow in Venice; and finally a deeper cranberry Marry in Monte Carlo.  The last row on the right from the top, a lovely metallic silver that would work as a nice highlight Pretty in Paris; a beautiful pale metallic gold Meet in Madrid; next a hazelnut bronze metallic shade Court in Cannes; finally Lust in LA is a beautiful deep chocolatey bronze metallic shade.

As you can see they have great pigmentation.  With the variety in colours you can easily get quite a few different looks from this palette. They all wear well, I would recommend using an eye primer if you get oily lids like myself.  I picked this up in Superdrug for £7.99. you can also buy it on the sleek website.

I really recommend checking it out.  I can see myself getting plenty of use out of it this over the next few months!

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