Trilogy Rosehip Antioxidant Oil

So I was lucky enough to get this from Debenhams VIP Beauty Panel to test out and to be honest I was really pleased, maybe not for the best reasons….

I have been testing this for about 5 weeks, as I dug out a sample of this that I had hidden away and was using it for a few weeks before this arrived.

So the packaging is lovely, it’s a brown glass bottle with a pipette to dispense the oil.  When I first received this oil I used it morning and night after my normal cleansing routine and just before my moisturiser.  I found it was a bit too much for my skin using it twice a day, so I switched to evenings only.  To be honest I haven’t noticed any massive difference to my skin, I actually think it may have possibly gave me a few breakouts along my jawline – I’ve not had jawline breakouts in a very very long time, but I’ve had three since using this oil.  I’ve not noticed an increase in spots anywhere else on my face, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Unfortunately I don’t think I would buy this and I would have been quite disappointed if I’d actually bought this.  I didn’t notice any change in the lines and wrinkles on my face and the scarring on my face is definitely still there.

I’m not sure this is the product for me.  I know it works well for plenty of other people and it seems to be a bit of a cult product within the beauty blogging world, for me though I’m actually going to shelve this for while. I’ve oily/combination skin and this is not the product for me.
I’ve done a wee review video on this, which you can check out below.  Thanks for reading!

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