Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Primer Review

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Primer
I’ve been testing this out for the past few weeks and I do actually really like this primer.  I have quite large pores on & around my nose and on my forehead.  So I was very excited to try this, my only worry was that it might clog my pores and cause irritation and break outs.  Thankfully I had no need to worry!

I bought this for £26 from boots, I’m sure you can pick it up from other retailers.  You get 15g of product.  The claim:
The perfect marriage of make-up and skin care for a really spectacular beauty effect. A magical melting, invisible texture which perfectly smoothes the skin by leaving an imperceptible veil over its surface. Wrinkles and fine lines are visually minimized to guarantee a flawless complexion.”

This does apply really nicely onto the skin.  I use the small spatula that came with it to scoop the product out, then using my fingers I apply it to my nose and forehead area.  I love the feel of this product, it applies really smoothly and feels so soft and creamy.  Lovely to use.  It does help minimise my pores quite a bit.  I notice when I wear any kind of full coverage foundation, my pores are much more noticeable.  Using this primer however, they are much less obvious – they don’t disappear entirely, but are definitely minimised in appearance.  It does seem to help with the few wrinkles that I have, again, more a case of softening the look of them rather than making them disappear completely.

I don’t think this does anything to lengthen the wear time of my foundation, but I use setting powders and sprays for that, so I’m not too worried about it.  You only need a tiny amount of this to cover most of your face, so I can see that this product will last for a very long time.

I do really like this product, I’m just not sure it’s worth £26.  I know L’Oreal have a smoothing primer out that I think I’ll check out – in fact I bought a pot of it to give to my mam, so I can give it a wee test out over Christmas and let you know!  However, if you are looking for a high end smoothing primer and are already a fan of Clarins, this may be the primer for you!

This primer does play well with all of my current liquid and powder foundations, as well as any other primers I decide to use with it!  (Unlike the Bourjois matte primer that only played with some of my products and definitely not others!).

So that’s it.  I like it, it does work.  I’ve done a video review with a demonstration of how I apply it.  Let me know if you’ve any questions!

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