High End & High Street mixed haul!

Mixed Skincare & Makeup haul!
So I seem to have a problem.  I’ve been a bit bold recently….ah well.  I’ve not posted all my hauls on here recently, you can always check those out on my youtube channel, I have a playlist just for hauls!

So lets just get started shall we!  Going from left to right, I have two face masks from Liz Earle, a deep cleansing and a moisturising.  I got the starter kits for each – mostly for the sponges and the wee bags.  There wasn’t much price difference between just the starter kit and just the face mask.  Next up I have a few goodies from Seventeen, I’m trying out the On the Spot foundation in Soft Ivory and their Stay Time concealer in Extra Fair (it’s actually too light for some of my foundations, which is a novelty).  From Maybelline Brocade nail polish in Knitted Gold, which is a rosey gold and from Barry M I have a Nail Effect polish in Duchess which is more of a silvery rosey colour.  Both are glitter polishes.   I decided to try some nail wraps from Revlon, these looked thoroughly decedent.  Below the nail wraps we have another concealer from Seventeen, it’s their phwoarr paint in Fair, this is more of a heavy duty concealer!  Yet another nail polish, this one is from Liz Earle and it’s a strengthening nail polish, in the colour Rhapsody in Blue (love it already).

More skincare stuff.  From Hydraluron I picked up the Moisture Booster, I’ve been dying to try this for quite a while.  From Clairns I have quite a few bits and pieces, they had an offer on and when you bought two items you got  4 travel sized products free!  The extra bonus with these was that you got to pick which products you wanted to try!  The two items I bought are, the Exfoliating Toner – I have been trying to get my hands on this for months and it was finally in stock!  And the Instant Smooth Perfecting primer. The free gifts that I got are (from left (red) to right (white)), Super Restorative Replenishing Comfort Mask, Gentle Refiner Exfoliating cream, Multi-Active Night Youth recovery comfort cream and finally Multi-Active Day Early wrinkle correction cream.

The final product I bought is the large tub at the top of the picture, it’s the Sanctuary Salt Scrub, I fell in love with a sample of this and I just had to pick it up!  Yes I did have to…honestly.
So that’s it for this haul.  I’ve done a video on it, so you can check that out below.  I will do reviews on all of these products as I use them of course.  If you’ve any questions please shout!

Thank you for reading!


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