November Empties

November Empties
I’m just going to get stuck in here!  Let’s go from left to right shall we?

boots Zingy Mint shower gel, I have repurchased this often, I love it and it’s normally a bargain.  Imperial Leather Moisturising shower cream, this is another shower gel I often repurchase.  They have a good range of lovely scents and are often on offer.  I have a travel sized Treseme shampoo, however, I don’t think it was Treseme shampoo in the container last – I tend to reuse these wee bottles and put in whatever my current shampoo is, handier and cheaper than repurchasing travel sizes.  This is only getting chucked as I discovered a hidden stash of travel sized shampoo & conditioner.  I used up a sample of John Freida colour preserving shampoo.  This was fine, I wouldn’t rush out to purchase a full size.

I have finished up a few makeup items.  elf’s eyebrow kit in Ash – this actually got pretty badly broken and is unusable now unfortunately.  I quite enjoyed this wee kit and will likely repurchase in future.  I’ve finally finished bareMinerals eyelid primer. This lasted ages.  I’m not sure if I would repurchase, simply because it’s very similar to the primer from Urban Decay and you get more for your money with the one from Urban Decay.  From Revlon I’ve a partially used Post Trauma Nail Treatment.  I used about half of this and to be honest I wasn’t overly fussed by it.  It didn’t help with my peeling nails and didn’t help to strengthen them either.  I won’t be repurchasing.  I finished up a perfume sample of j’adore from Dior, this was nice but I won’t be rushing out to buy the full size.  The second sample is Euphoria from Calvin Klein, this is actually for men – clearly I didn’t bother looking at it when I was using it up!  I already love the perfume, so I do intend to buy the female full sized version at some point (I’ve already used multiple samples of the female version).

You can see I’ve thoroughly used up my Origins Clear Improvements face mask, I cut this in half just o get as much as possible out of this.  I love this mask and would repurchase (after I’ve used up my current collection of masks…).   I’ve taken all the Skin, Hair and Nails tablets, I’m not sure they worked wonders or not.  I didn’t notice any improvement with my nails – although my skin got worse 🙁  So not the effect I wanted! I won’t repurchase.

Unsurprisingly I’m finished up a bottle of L’Oreal Micellar Solution, I’ve already repurchased and I love this for removing my face makeup before cleansing.  I’ve also used a Garnier Soothing 2-in-1 makeup remover.  I use this to remove my eye makeup.  Also love, have already repurchased.  From boots we used a Mulberry Passion hand soap.  This was fine, I would repurchase if it was on offer.  I prefer the Baylis & Harding hand soaps.

I’m very sad to have finished up my Hugh Boss XX perfume.  This is a beautiful musky smelling perfume that I love to wear in Winter.  I got this as a gift from my sister.  I’m really tempted to buy this for myself and I will likely give in and buy it in the January sales – that’s what boots points are for surely!

Finished up a bottle of Conditioning Nail Polish remover – boots own brand.  I didn’t like this.  It actually seemed to dry my nails out even more and it took a while to remove my nail polish.  Needless to say, I won’t repurchase.   Finally I have two empty packets of cotton pads. Iseree round pads and Superdrug Oval cotton pads.  These are fine.  I’ve since discovered boots double sided oval pads and I’m very much in love with them.

So that’s it for my empties!

You can check out my video below where I chat a bit more about the products mentioned.
Thanks for reading!

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