Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Review

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint
I picked up this utter gem in Fair for £5.49, you get 12g.  This is is meant for those annoying dark circles under your eyes.  This is lovely and creamy and it has great pigmentation.  I like to use this with my ring finger and pat it into place under my eyes.  I tend to get darkness close to my tear duct mainly and I am pleased to report that this concealer does a great job at covering up that darkness!

This also does a great job on redness and spots!  I would prefer this concealer any over the Collection concealer.  I tend to get less creasing and more coverage with the Phwoarr Paint.  It wears well throughout the day with very little breakdown.  It causes no irritation so I’m happy to use it to cover spots.  It’s not particularly cakey either – as long as you don’t over do it of course!

I do also use this as a mini foundation touch up throughout the day – I don’t like bringing foundation with me, so this is excellent for those touch ups.  I think it blends out really well into all of my liquid foundations.  You can use a small domed brush either to push the concealer on, just be careful not to over-blend.

I’ve done a review video below, I’ve given a demo of how I apply the concealer.


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