Bought & Forgot!

I was tagged by Jerre from HelloJerre to do the “Bought & Forgot” tag.  I’ve seen this type of video floating about on youtube and thought it might actually be a good idea!  I’ve a few bits that have been barely used – or in some cases, not at all….bad Áine!  So these are the bits that I’ve chosen to focus on over the next month to decide if I like them or not!
Bought & Forgot
From Lush I have a cream eyeshadow in Wise.  I’ve used this once or twice and not much more, I’m not sure on it, I’ve added it to this week’s makeup basket.  From Too Faced this fabulous lipstick in Drop Dead Red, I think I wore this in a Get Ready with Me video and it made my teeth look yellow – after swatching it, I’m not sure what I was thinking!  Clearly it was a lighting issue, either way it’s in the makeup basket this week.  Something else that is in the makeup basket this week, Urban Decay’s primer potion in Greed.  This is a lovely gold base – it has just been buried in a drawer forgotten.  From Me Me Me I have a shimmer/highlighting brick in Pink Zest, I’ve not fully tested this product out, more playing required.  Maybe next week’s basket.

From bareMinerals I have a lipgloss in Puff Pastry, this was a gift from bareMinerals as part of an old loyalty scheme. I’ve never used it, so it’s time I tested it out!  Another product from bareMinerals is a prime time eyelid primer in Chroma Violet – I’ve used this in the past but it’s another product that has been buried.  A highlighting powder from Bourjois, the Java Rice Powder, has been lying gathering dust as I’ve continued to bypass it for my Hourglass powder!  From elf a mineral eyeshadow in Wine Tour, never used, it came as a free gift with purchase…I think….I’m not overly sure on this, initial impression is that it’s chalky, more use required!  The final product from bareMinerals is a Ready highlighting powder in The Love Affair, I do enjoy this product but never use it very much.

The last two items are cream shadows.  From Maybelline is a Color Tattoo in Light in Purple, I hunted for this high and low, then when I finally get my hands on it, I don’t even use it!  Honestly, I’ve not even swatched it…oh dear. It’s in this week’s basket.  The second cream shadow is from B Cosmetics in Dusk Til Dawn.  I’m not sure I’m entirely sure on this product, it has a slightly spongy feel to it and I’m not entirely sure on it…I will let you know.  It’s in this week’s basket!

If you would like a look at these a bit closer, I’ve done swatches in the video, which you can watch below.

Thanks for reading!

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