December Empties!

December Empties
It’s been a quiet month for empty products.  Let’s just get stuck in.

Hair care

First top left, Pantene Ice Shine shampoo.  This is a great clarifying shampoo, I alternated it with another shampoo.  It left my hair nice and soft and shiny.  I would probably repurchase this if I needed a clarifying shampoo again.  From L’Oreal I finished an EverSleek Smoothing & Moisture conditioner.  This was a lovely conditioner, it left my hair very soft and not too weighed down.  I’m not sure I’d rush out to repurchase for now, I have a stash of conditioners to use.

Makeup & Skin care

From the bottom left, Urban Decay De-Slick makeup setting spray.  This was great when my skin was oiler in the summer.  I’m testing out a different Urban Decay setting spray at the minute, but I would repurchase this spray again in the summer.  From Nivea I have finished a Day cream for oily & combination skin.  I did use this for a while but it wasn’t working for me any more as a face cream, so I finished it up as a neck & chest cream at night.  It is a good moisturiser, it just wasn’t working for me any more unfortunately.  From Victor & Rolf is a Spicebomb shaving cream for men.  Simon enjoyed using this, it didn’t sting, it left his skin soft and smelt lovely.  Recommend checking it out.

Body care

From Original Source we finished a Vanilla milk and Raspberry shower gel.  I really loved the smell of this, it reminded me of raspberry ripple ice cream, thankfully not too sickly.  These were on offer at boots for £1, so worth checking out.  I bought quite a few to stock up. I used up a Golden Tulip hotel Bath & Shower gel.  I think we were given this in a stocking.  I tend to travel a bit and find this very useful.  I finished this over Christmas while I was home.  Nothing to write home about, it did what it said on the bottle.  From Soap & Glory I have an empty The Scrub Of Your Life.  I did generally like this product.  I prefer a bit more of a scrub from my body scrub.  I did enjoy using this product, I just won’t be rushing out to repurchase.  I’ve recently bought a Sanctuary Sea Salt scrub and prefer it for now.

Random Odds

We used a luxury handwash from boots.  I picked this up while it was on offer, I think I would only repurchase it again if it was on offer.  I used up a packet of Iseree cotton pads.  I used these to remove makeup and would likely repurchase these in future.   My last product, is an empty cotton wool Double Faced Oval pads.  These were boots own brand.  I really liked these and would definitely repurchase in future.  I’m actually using up another packet at the minute!

That’s it for this month’s empties.
Thank you for reading!

You can check out my empties video below if you fancy!


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