December Favourites!

December Favourites
This month has seen the return of a few previous favourites.  As you’ve probably heard me complain, I’ve been a bit under the weather.  So when I’ve been meeting friends and having to make a public appearance, I’ve reached for some much needed brightening products.

First up, Revlon’s Colorstay foundation for oily/combo skin.  This is a great full coverage foundation, I however, have been using a damp makeup sponge to apply it and it gives me more of a medium coverage. Great for evening out my skin tone and helping to hide some of the redness and broke outs.  Now onto the concealers!  I think I’ve used Seveteen’s Phwoarr concealer everyday I’ve done my makeup recently, I love it – I’ve done a review here.  It’s been great for touch ups during the day, especially when you’ve blown your nose far too many times.  Great to cover dark circles and spots.  I’ve used bareMinerals Well Rested to set the concealer under my eyes.  I’ve used a soft fluffy brush to apply it.
Lastly for face has to be, Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Ethereal Light.  This has helped to brighten my complexion, helping to make me look a tad more human.  This is such a lovely light powder, it’s fabulous to apply after you’ve finished applying the rest of your makeup.  I use a lovely big soft brush to lightly sweep this over my face.

Now onto eyes.  I’ve been keeping it fairly simple on this front.  I’ve been using 17 Metallic cream eyeshadow in Wild Nude as either my base, or just by itself on really lazy days.  Just darkening it slightly in my crease.  It’s still nicely brightening with a small amount of shimmer.  I’ve been using Stila’s Kitten powder eyeshadow over the top to lighten the whole look.  Generally a good idea when dealing with tired eyes.  If I’ve fancied jazzing it up a bit more, I’ve used Maybelline’s black gel liner to do a simple cat flick.  Easy but effective!

The final favourite of the month is a fantastic skin care item.  Sudocrem.  This has been an utter life saver.  Because I’ve been a bit run down and my skin hasn’t been particularly happy (it has nothing to do with all the Christmas chocolates…).  I’ve been applying this directly to any spots after I’ve cleaned my face.  Especially on those days when I’m not leaving the house, I can pop some on during the day.  It clears up any imperfections quickly, bringing the redness down quickly.  Also, as it’s an antiseptic healing cream it gets rid of any infection quickly too! It’s quite cheap and available from the baby section at most pharmacies, boots or Superdrug.

That’s it for this month!
Thank you for reading! If you fancy watching my favourites video, it’s below!


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