Favourite Beauty Products 2013

Sorry for the lateness, I got my scheduling all confused!  Expect a few posts this week as everything catches up!  Anyway, on to my yearly favourites!


So I’ve selected a few items that I’ve really and truly loved this year.  I culled my list all the way down and these are my utter favourites for 2013.
2013 Favourites
You will no doubt recognise all of these from monthly favourites.  These are items that I have reached for time and time again.Lets start with my two favourite makeup brushes of the year!  First up my Bdellium tools face brush 980.  This is such a lovely soft brush, I use it to apply my Hourglass Ambient lighting powder – which unsurprisingly is also in my yearly favourites.  These are the perfect pairing for me.  This brush washes well and I generally could stroke my face all day long with it!  The second brush is IB126 Chisel Brush from Crown Brushes.  This is a natural bristle brush and I love it for applying my blusher.  It picks up the product easily and distributes it nicely onto my face.  It’s great for blending out your blush, giving you a more natural look!  I rarely use any other brush for my blusher since falling for this.  The final makeup tool is a beauty sponge, also from Crown Brushes.  This has drastically changed how I apply liquid foundation, I rarely use anything else for applying liquid foundation.  I’m sure I would love other damp beauty sponges, this one is pretty good though!

Now lets chat makeup!  I’ve only included pieces that I use practically everyday (unless I’m doing a weekly makeup basket…) and that I would not like to be without.  First, as I’ve already mentioned it, Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Ethereal Light.  I love this and it clearly loves me.  So much so that a friend watched me get ready, trying to figure out what it was that made my skin look glowing and lovely.  Once she seen it was this powder, well she now owns the same one.  This doesn’t make your face cakey, it doesn’t clog your face.  I use my big brush, I lightly sweep my brush over this and then straight onto my face without tapping off.  Fabulous.

Next up, Urban Decay’s Basics palette.  This is used almost every time I apply makeup, either as a neutral fuss free eye look, or as crease and blending colours with other eye looks.  It’s a wonderful companion palette.  Love it.  I’ve included Stila’s Kitten.  This is a perfect shadow for those lazy days, you can just pop it on and you look put together without even trying.  It’s also with other shadows for smokey looks.  On those days where I’m looking tired and unwell, this fixes it.  So all in all, it’s fabulous, you should own it.

From bareMinerals I have two products.  My favourite foundation – the matte foundation in Fair and my favourite ever under eye concealer, Well Rested! (Yes I love the 17 concealer but it’s too new and I only wear it with liquid foundation).  I can wear these any time.  When my skin is really unhappy with every other foundation, this foundation works fabulously and even helps my skin clear up.  The Well Rested always helps to cover any darkness without creasing if I use it with a dense brush, with a fluffier brush I can set any other concealer – as this is also a bit of a highlighting concealer!

My favourite polishes from 2013 have to be the Gelly Hi-Shine nail polishes from Barry M.  The majority of the line are really opaque, often only needing one coat.  They wear really well and don’t “need” a top coat.  There is a wide range of colours too.  I tend to go back to these polishes quite often.

Finally for 2013 favourites, skin care.  My Emma Hardie cleansing balm has been my favourite skin care find of 2013.  I utterly, utterly love this. I have repurchased and will forever repurchase.  I have tried other balms and some come close, but there is something about this balm that I love.  It does wonders for my skin and is very pleasant to use.  The scent, the consistency, all of it.  I use it more in the mornings now, what a great way to wake yourself up!  For removing makeup in the evening I reach for L’Oreal’s Micellar Solution.  This easily removes eye and face makeup without issue, even those annoying waterproof mascaras!  It doesn’t cause any irritation and it is really reasonably priced.  Again, another item that I have already repurchased on multiple occasions.

So that’s it for 2013 favourites.  You can watch my favourites video below if you fancy!

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