January Empties

January Empties!

So let’s get the candles out of the way.  I had a plain Vanilla candle from evolution in Brighton, it’s a beautiful smelling candle and I will repurchase.  From Glade I had a spiced apple & something candle, this made me sneeze a lot.  The scent was a tad over powering, I won’t repurchase when it’s released again next year.  From Aldi I had some glittery apple & cinnamon tea lights, loved these, soft scent and the glitter added to the glow! Another candle from Aldi was the Spiced Orange, this was fine, wouldn’t rush out to repurchase, nothing really wrong with it, I just like to try others out.  These were both winter releases.

Now for body care items.  I have two empty Original Source shower gels.  A mint & tea tree which I really love in the mornings,  the second is pink grapefruit which was fine but I prefer the mint.  So we’d repurchase the mint but not the grapefruit (which was limited edition anyway).  I’ve a used up boots shave gel in fruity melon, this works fine, I generally repurchase this brand unless others are on offer.   An aluminium free deodorant I tested out Bionsen, unfortunately didn’t cut the mustard.  It didn’t keep me dry, maybe I sweat more than I thought, but I could generally smell sweat by lunchtime.  Not really what you want!  So I’ve chucked this with about 3/4 of the product left.  A deodorant I love is Mitchum, it’s a very effective deodorant.  I’ve already repurchased.

Let’s  discuss skin care.  I am heartbroken to say that my Emma Hardie cleansing balm is empty, I really did get all the product out of that tub.  I love this cleanser.  It has all sorts of good things in it and it is so nourishing.  You can check out my review on this here.  Unsurprisingly I will always repurchase, I’m just trying to use up a few other cleansers at the minute.  I’m really missing my Emma Hardie.  (Off to cry into my tea now..).  From Botanics I’ve used up another All Bright Cleansing Toner.  Another beloved product, this helps to lightly exfoliate my face and it definitely does brighten.  I’ve not tried the pixi toner but I’m led to believe it has a similar effect.  I’ve already repurchased.  I’ve also used up another L’Oreal Micellar Solution, love this too and I’ve already repurchased.  It’s just great at removing my face makeup, it’s also great at removing eye makeup.   From La Roche Posay, Effaclar Duo.  This really helped when I was suffering from active breakouts.  It’s not the most moisturising lotion, so I’ve switched to using this as more of a topical treatment.  I generally do repurchase this product, although I may have fallen in love with a different product since…expect a review of that soon!

I tried out this Fudge Sauna face mask – I’ve torn off the name, but I’m sure you all recognise the packaging, you can pick these up for about £1 from boots or superdrug.  I wasn’t overly fussed on this mask and I won’t be buying this particular one, I have used other masks from this brand before and loved them.  I’ve two empty Biore nose strips packets.  I’ve discovered these work well on really, really clogged pores.  My wee brother suffers from rather large blackheads, so I attacked him with these one day and did notice a difference.  It was gross, excellent, but gross.  My blackheads aren’t as bad at all, so I don’t get much benefit from these.  Once I finish the box I won’t be repurchasing them as I don’t need them.  I’ve an empty packet of boots Oval cotton pads.  I love these.  Very soft, you can use both sides.  I will always repurchase.

Now for nails!  From essie I have a strengthening base coat.  This was fine, I didn’t notice any massive improvement to the strength of my nails while using this product.  I’m not sure I’d rush out to repurchase as there are better and cheaper base coats out there.  I’ve an empty bottle of Calcium with vitamin D & E.  I don’t get enough calcium in my diet generally – yes I do eat my leafy greens and broccoli, I’m just not a massive fan of dairy.  Anyway I worry about my bones and nails, so I take these tablets.  I’ve already repurchased. I’ve an empty tub of moisturising nail polish remover pads.  These worked grand, I tend to keep these in my drawer at work or in my handbag.  I’ve quite a few of these wee tubs already, once I’ve run out I will repurchase.  Superdrug also do there own versions and I’m sure there are other brands that work just as well.

The final empties!  I’ve an empty bottle of Chanel Chance, I love it and I will hopefully repurchase one day, once I’ve used up all my other perfumes.  I also have an empty sample of this – it lived in my handbag generally.  Lastly, I have an empty sample of a cream all over face radiance from Smashbox.  I really did like this.  I mixed it in with my foundation before applying it all over my face.  There are a few others I wanted to test out before buying one.  Generally though I really enjoyed this product.


The last thing I’ve included, aren’t really empties.  These are buxom lipglosses from bareMinerals.  I got a set of six minis last year and unfortunately I just never use them.  They’re just too sticky for me, so I’m giving them to a friend that really enjoys wearing lipgloss.  I’ve also including two lip junkie lipglosses from Urban Decay, both are Naked.  I got both free and I just find them a tad sticky too.

So that is it!  Thanks for reading, you can watch the video down below if you fancy.

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