January Mixed Haul

January Mixed Haul
I’m pleased to report that my spending ban/Project 10 Pan is still firmly in place, you can check out that post if you fancy.  Anyway some replacement items were needed and I was lucky enough to have an amazon voucher, I thought I’d treat myself to some nail products.

First, the cotton rounds, I go through two cotton rounds a day removing my eye makeup.  I picked these up from Sainsburys while grabbing some groceries, they were on offer and I thought I’d be good and try some FairTrade versions.  Another replacement item, L’Oreal Micellar Solution.  I love this and don’t like to be without it, so I will always replace it before I run out.  Great for removing makeup, I’ve done a review of it here, so you can check that out if you want more information.

The next item is a replacement of sorts.  I ran out of my La Roche Posay Effaclar duo, which I have long been a fan.  However, it wasn’t in stock when I tried to replace it.  So remembering the repeated number of times Carrie and Linda (both beauty bloggers, click their names for their blog) have told me to try Avene, well I thought it best to try it out.  I bought the Skin Recovery Cream and I have to admit I utterly love it.  It’s nice and light but also calming on my skin, while also being hydrating.  I feel a proper review coming on.  Anyway more on that later!

A face mask from Good Things.  It’s a Five Minute Facial with Avocado and Goji Berry.  This was a free gift with purchase from Very, I was buying some sports kit, so I always try to pick up a makeup or skin care “treat” when I’m buying things from Very.  I’ve yet to try this out.


Now finally onto the things I bought with my Amazon voucher!  To say I’m excited to try these out would be an understatement.   First up is The Wah Book* of Nail Art.  This has all sorts of fun projects with instructions as well as additional ideas to try yourself.  Excited!!  I bought a packet of 10 Nail Art Striping Tape*.  I’ve always wanted to play with tape and have been watching numerous tutorials and reading blogs with all sorts of excellent ideas.  There are multiple colours in the pack.  Now for the decals!  I am a massive fan of the Despicable Me films, so when I spotted this set of minion decals* I had to pick them up.  I went on from there and picked up a few different water decals, some Birdcage*, some Startled Owls* (the name alone makes me smile) and the last set are Sugar Skulls*.  The final think I picked up was a 12 piece set of White Wooden Handled Nail Art brushes*.  I got all of that for under £20! Not bad!  Now if only I had time to sit down and play with it all.  I am putting time in my diary this weekend, just to do my nails….is that sad?  I think it’s needed 🙂

So that’s it for this haul, small but fun AND I didn’t buy any makeup for the month of January! High Fives me.

Thanks for reading, you can watch the haul video below if you fancy.

Disclaimer: I bought all products with my own money unless otherwise stated.  * links are affiliated with a company/brand. All opinions are my own.

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