New Year’s Beauty Resolutions!

So it’s that time of the year!  Resolutions are flying!
I’ve decided this year to keep it very simple on the beauty resolution front! 
  1. Use more samples!  I have quite a large collection of skin care samples, makeup samples and perfume samples.  Time to use those up!
  2. Do Looks from the Books series!  I have again, quite a few makeup books that I really love.  It is time I got around to recording tutorials based on these books!  I’m also investigating how I can do these as blogposts. 
  3. Play more!  I want to get more playful with my makeup again, so being more adventurous with eye looks.  I have lots of makeup to use and enjoy, I really think it’s time I turned off the TV and played more.
  4. Along with 3, I want to use more of my coloured cream eyeshadows – at least as bases.  I have a stack of these, so I really need to use them before they all dry up.  So by getting more adventurous with my makeup looks, I should get the chance to use these cream eyeshadows more!
  5. Project 10 Pan.  I’ve already started this project – you can check out the blogpost here.  I want to use up more products and buy less makeup.  Wedding this year, so lots more saving is required. 
  6. Look after my hands and nails more.  This means moisturising them more, using cuticle oils, giving my nails a break for one week every month – (no nail polish).  Generally taking care of my hands again.  I want nice strong nails in 2014. 

So that’s it for 2014’s beauty resolutions!

You can check out the video below if you fancy, I show some of the products I’m going to make use of. 
Thanks for reading!

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